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Why Do You Need an Expert to Winterize Your Pool?

It’s Closing Time Unless you live in a climate where pools stay open year-round, there is an end of season process to close your swimming pool. The climate where you live determines when and how you close your pool. Pool owners living in climates where nighttime...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid While Winterizing Your Pool

There is no better place to spend a hot summer day than your pool. Whether you’re relaxing on the deck, swimming laps, or hosting a party, you want your pool to be clean and safe. But, what about the months of the year when you’re not using it? Sunrise Pool Services...

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Common Problems Caused by Pool Leaks

If your pool is losing water faster than expected from normal evaporation, you may have a leak. Though a leak in your pool may seem like a bad enough problem, neglecting to fix a leak can cause bigger and more severe issues. Even small leaks should be concerning,...

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Fun Facts about Swimming Pools

Pools are the highlight of the summer. Nothing is better than cooling off in the pool in your backyard, or bringing your family to the city pool and watching your kids swim. Let’s not forget about pool parties with all your friends. There is only one thing to make...

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Health Hazards of Swimming in a Pool with Algae

Swimming pools, whether private or public, must be adequately maintained to ensure safety, and one of the most common issues for owners and operators is algae growth. Always inquire about pool maintenance cost in Duluth if you own one to keep the water’s pH balance....

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Myths about Pool Maintenance

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding pool maintenance. Whereas once the costs could be daunting, things have changed over the last couple decades. While improvements in equipment have cut down on expenses, it’s not just the price of maintaining a pool that...

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Which Chemicals Are Necessary for Pool Maintenance?

Many people don’t want to own a swimming pool due to the maintenance associated with it. In fact, many homeowners hire a company to keep their pool maintained because it can be difficult to get the level of chemicals just right. However, without the proper balance of...

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How to Light up Your Pool This Christmas

Having a pool is a great addition to your home on warm sunny days, but not much use to most in the winter. During the not so warm days, your pool provides little entertainment, aside from the maintenance task of having to clean it every few weeks. However, there’s...

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The Benefits of Pool Renovation in Winter

Swimming pools can be your family's best friend- and a whole lot of work! Of course, the fun they provide make pools worth every minute of cleaning and maintenance, but after years of use, it can be time for a remodel. While most people wait until the warm weather...

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The Importance of Professional Pool Inspections

Think of your swimming pool like a car. With all of its mechanics and components, it’s important to maintain it and inspect it regularly. Otherwise, you could end up with a pool that isn’t functioning properly. For that reason, experts recommending having your pool...

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