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Pool Inspection

Our Highly Trained Pool Inspectors Are Ready to Serve You

Are you planning to buy a home with a swimming pool? You should have a pool inspection for the same reasons you need home or termite inspections. You want to know what condition the pool is in and what type of expenses may be required to ensure the pool stays in good working condition. By hiring an inspector, you mitigate the possibility of purchasing a home with a pool that’s going to cost you money to repair or is leaking water, which will affect your water bill but may not be obvious right away. Our pool inspectors at Sunrise Pool Services in Buford, GA, offer a complete range of swimming pool services, such as pool cleaningpool repair, and pool inspection.

Why Do You Need Pool Inspection?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is nothing wrong with your pool just because it is pretty and blue. We have seen new pools out of level by as much as 2 inches, pools with improper plumbing, pools without proper mastic installed—the list goes on. Remodeled pools are made to appear updated while having outdated equipment. Lights that do not work or have GFCIs, deck and stonework that have shifted and been disguised, cracked skimmer bodies and baskets, and missing parts are some common problems. Old pools may have cracks in the gunite shell. There may be holes in the deck covered by things such as planters or rugs. This is just a small list of problems found during a routine pool inspection. You want to protect your investment, and the pool is a part of that. An inspection is well worth the time and money spent. Contact us today and know that your pool inspection is in good hands.

Why Select Sunrise Pool for Your Pool Inspection?

It takes many years in the industry to be able to perform and complete a thorough pool inspection. Our pool inspectors, Mike Allmond and Chris Goodwin, have 36 years’ combined experience and knowledge. They take their time and make sure you receive a detailed inspection report, along with estimates for any repairs that are needed. They know that, by delivering a conscientious inspection, they can protect you from getting a pool that will be a drain on your budget and your home. Contact us today to get your pool inspected.

Check Out Our Pool Cleaning Gallery

For all of your pool inspection needs, partner with Sunrise Pool Services. You may also check out our pool cleaning gallery where we feature some of the projects we’ve handled in the past and testimonials from our clients. If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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