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Pool Service FAQs

Providing Answers to Your Pool Service Questions

Do you have questions about your pool? Sunrise Pool Services in Buford, Johns CreekDuluthAlpharettaAtlanta, and Cumming, GA, is here to help. Read our pool service FAQs for answers to some frequently asked pool service questions. You can also call us to speak with one of our experts.

I have a monthly service with your company. Why is my pool green?

In the spring, summer, and fall months it is impossible to maintain a swimming pool without the customer’s help. A swimming pool requires weekly attention to be maintained properly. This includes checking the chemicals, emptying baskets, backwashing sand filters (required weekly), and adding chemicals as needed. We offer monthly service mainly in the wintertime only, but service is recommended either weekly or every other week.

I have a cartridge filter. Is there an extra charge to clean the cartridges?

Yes, there is a $65 labor charge for cartridge filter cleaning.

Your technician just left my house, and my indoor controller is reading “timeout mode”. What does that mean?

When our technicians add chemicals, the pool needs to circulate. “Timeout” puts the remote in a 3-hour countdown, keeping the pump running to ensure proper dispersion of the chemicals. The remote will go back to “automatic” mode once the countdown is over or you go outside and override it manually.

Your technician just left my house, and my indoor controller is flashing “service” or reading “service mode active”. Do I need a repair technician to come look at my remote?

No. The outside panel is in “service” mode. In some cases, we need the pool to circulate for 24-48 hours continuously, so we leave the remote in this mode. At other times, our technicians may have accidentally left the remote in “service” as they were turning the pump on/off to do regular maintenance. If this is the case, go to the outside panel and put the remote back in “auto” mode manually.

I have a salt pool, not a chlorine pool! Why are your technicians adding chlorine to my pool?

A salt pool is a chlorine pool because a salt system is a chlorine generator. It converts sodium chloride (salt) into hypochlorous acid, otherwise known as chlorine gas. The salt system basically makes the chlorine for you and that is all it does. There are a few reasons a technician may add chlorine to a pool.

One is in the wintertime when the water gets below 50 degrees, and the generator turns itself off. Algae can’t grow in water that cold, but you still need some form of sanitation in the pool. This ensures that when the water does warm, algae doesn’t begin to form due to the absence of chlorine in the water. Two is that the generator may not be functioning correctly and may need some repairs. In this case, we will add chlorine manually until the generator is repaired. Another reason may be that the salt level is too low due to large amounts of rain. The generator also turns itself off when the levels get too low. We will add salt to get it back to the proper level and add chlorine until the generator turns back on.

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Do you have any questions related to our pool services that aren’t answered in our pool service FAQs? We have experts at Sunrise Pool Services to answer any of the questions that you may have. Get in touch with our pool service company today so we can discuss how we can be of service to you.

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“Have been using Sunrise based on the recommendation of a builder client of mine. He said he had been through several different companies and these guys were the best. I had been using the pool builder’s guy and was not satisfied with their work so I switched. Sunrise has been taking care of my pool year-round (no cover) for years and I’ve had no major issues. The pool is clean, chemicals are right. Now only if my kids wanted to use it! (whole separate issue… not sunrise’s concern!)”