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How to Light up Your Pool This Christmas

Having a pool is a great addition to your home on warm sunny days, but not much use to most in the winter. During the not so warm days, your pool provides little entertainment, aside from the maintenance task of having to clean it every few weeks. However, there’s...

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The Benefits of Pool Renovation in Winter

Swimming pools can be your family's best friend- and a whole lot of work! Of course, the fun they provide make pools worth every minute of cleaning and maintenance, but after years of use, it can be time for a remodel. While most people wait until the warm weather...

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The Importance of Professional Pool Inspections

Think of your swimming pool like a car. With all of its mechanics and components, it’s important to maintain it and inspect it regularly. Otherwise, you could end up with a pool that isn’t functioning properly. For that reason, experts recommending having your pool...

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The Disadvantages of DIY Pool Maintenance

While DIY-ing pool maintenance is workable and inexpensive on the surface, improper cleaning methods and use of wrong chemicals can potentially damage your swimming pool. Incorrect DIY procedures can result in costly and unexpected repairs. If you want a pristine pool...

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How to Recognize a Dirty Pool

A swimming pool can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make, as long as you can figure out a good maintenance routine. The fun times, fitness benefits, and perfect getaway spot you’ll have can only happen if your water is clean and clear, so it is important to...

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Fall is the Best Time for Commercial Pool Maintenance

Once the summer is over, you may think you no longer need to worry about your pool until the following year. However, there’s one more thing that should be on your to-do list before you shut it down for the season, and that’s taking care of any maintenance and repairs...

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How Often Should You Clean Your Pool Filters?

Regular pool filter cleaning can keep the pool safe, remove harmful dirt and oils, and save you money. But how do you know when it’s time to clean the filter? Over time, the filter will collect more and more oils, minerals, and dirt that can build up, making it less...

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Benefits of Professional Pool Cleaning

Owning a pool has many benefits, but one major drawback is the amount of time pool owners spend cleaning. In fact, many people forgo purchasing a home with a pool because they fear they’ll spend more time cleaning than swimming. Even if you’re up for the task, all it...

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5 Common Swimming Pool Problems and Their Solutions

Most homeowners love their swimming pool because it keeps them cool in the heat of the summer. Unfortunately, pools require regular maintenance. A few problems that commonly occur with pools. Fortunately, many of them can be fixed without calling in an expert right...

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Why Use a Professional for Your Swimming Pool Care?

Owning a pool can be a source of joy, happiness, and fitness unlike any other amenity in or around your home. However, with great joy comes great responsibility; someone is going to have to keep that pool clean. You could do it, or you could hire a professional. At...

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