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How to Clean the Pool Tile Without Draining the Water

It usually isn’t advised to drain your pool completely of water just to do a cleaning. Not other would this end up being a very long process, it can also cause damage to your pool if it isn’t done correctly. Pool water really need to be drained every 5-7 years or if it is in need of a large repair. So, what should you do in the meantime? We’re here to help you out with some tips.

When to Clean Instead of Drain

There are key signs you can use to determine whether you actually need a complete draining of the pool. The reason why many would suggest emptying the water often is because it could damage the walls and floor of your pool if it isn’t done properly. When a pool is filled with water, it can easily balance out the pressure against the groundwater that surrounds it. Once this water is gone, there’s nothing stopping the pressure of groundwater from pushing into your pool.

Here’s what to consider when making the call.

  • If you can see the bottom of the pool at the shallowest part, don’t drain.
  • If you can remove the majority of the large debris with a vacuum or skimmer, don’t drain.
  • If you are able to do daily chemical treatments, don’t drain.
  • If you can run your filter for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, don’t drain.

Cleaning Your Pool

It may seem like a big task but all it takes is some patience and commitment to clean up your pool without draining it.

Debris is the first thing you should tackle. Large pieces can be removed by hand while smaller pieces can be worked out using a skimmer or vacuum. This is a great way to capture all the waste at once. When you’ve removed all the pieces of leaves, twigs, etc. from the pool, you’ll already notice a huge change.

Next, use chemicals to tackle any discolored water or algae. Dark green clumps can be treated with algaecide, and you can use other chemicals to help you rebalance the water. This can be tricky to figure out or stay on top of if you’re usually pretty busy which is why a professional will make it all much easier for you.

Scrubbers will be some of your best friends in the process and can easily tackle dirt and grime that has been stuck on the walls. If it comes down to it, you can also ask your pool professional about acid-washing the surface. This is only recommended every 5-7 years because it can damage the pool.

Finally, keep your filter running. This can play a large role in clearing out anything you’ve missed. Smaller filters aren’t as capable of handling huge messes but if you have a large filter in place, keep it on throughout the day to help you tackle the debris.

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