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Everything You Need to Know About De-winterizing Your Pool

When the cold comes and your pool has been sitting dormant for months, it’s time for pool de-winterizing. This process doesn’t have to be intimidating, and with the right knowledge, pool owners can open their pool for a swimming season in no time.

1. Plug in and Hook Up the Filter

The pool filter is the key player when it comes to pool maintenance. It should be plugged in so that it can start circulating pool water. If you have pool accessories such as pool lights and outdoor speakers, they should also be plugged in and hooked up.

2. Cleaning the Pool

Once everything is plugged in and hooked up, it’s cleaning time. This includes brushing off any algae that may have grown during winter, skimming out leaves and debris, and vacuuming the pool to remove dirt and grime.

3. Adding Proper Chemicals

The pool should then be tested for pH levels, alkalinity, and hardness to determine which pool chemicals to add for optimal pool health. Once the pool chemistry balance is established, pool owners should add chemicals such as chlorine, algaecide, clarifier, muriatic acid, or soda ash to make it usable and keep the pool looking as good as new when the seasons change.

It is important to note that pool chemicals should always be added separately and never mixed.

What Chemicals Do You Need?

For pool de-winterizing, pool owners should make sure they have the following chemicals on hand:

  • Chlorine – this is for killing and preventing bacteria
  • Algaecide – this is for controlling pool algae
  • Clarifier – this helps pool water to become clear by removing suspended particles
  • Muriatic Acid or Soda Ash – these are used to balance pH levels in pool water

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to De-Winterize Your Pool

Trying to tackle a task as big as pool de-winterizing can be overwhelming and you may not know exactly what to do. Hiring a pool professional means pool owners can save time, money, and hassle. And if that’s not enough, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Professional pool service technicians have the right equipment to perform pool de-winterizing correctly
  • People who know exactly how to test pool water and add pool chemicals in the right amounts
  • Professionals that can detect any leaks or pool system issues that pool owners may not be aware of

When it comes to pool de-winterizing, pool owners have the opportunity to do it themselves or hire a pool professional.

Sunrise Pools and Spa is at Your Service

If pool owners need help de-winterizing their pool, Sunrise Pools and Spa is here to provide expert pool service. Our pool professionals are highly trained and can promise pool owners the best pool experience possible. We care for your home pool like our own and guarantee pool owners will be satisfied with the pool de-winterizing services we provide.

Contact Sunrise Pools and Spa today to schedule your pool de-winterizing appointment. Don’t worry about the pool opening this season – let us take care of it for you!

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