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Pool Care Tips to Make Maintenance Easy

Taking good care of your pool is a top priority. Not only does it keep you pool ready and safe for use, it also saves you time and money by preventing major cleanups or prolonged maintenance issues from disrupting your life. We’re here to share some tips that we’d recommend trying to make pool care an easy task this summer.

Stay On Top of Skimming

Skimming is one of the top priorities for pool owners. There’s no way around it and it is much better to get into the habit of skimming the surface of your pool regularly rather than waiting for debris to build up. Those that skim their pool daily will find that it really doesn’t take too much of your time. This leaves your pool in good condition and ready to enjoy whenever you’d like.

Balance Out Your Chemicals Properly

Chemicals play an important role in pool maintenance. They keep the water clean and safe for use so that you’re not swimming in anything that is too harsh for your body or that could cause you to get sick. A couple of chemical levels to test include cyanuric acid, free chlorine, acidity, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Test kits make it very simple to run checks and you can also ask a pool maintenance professional to come in regularly to make the process smoother.

Keep an Eye Out for Maintenance Needs

You never want to deal with maintenance problems when they’ve reached a headache-causing level. Instead, try to be active about checking for any maintenance needs from small leaks and cracks to minor malfunctions. Getting these looked at and handled right away will save you much more stress and money down the line.

Try Some Unexpected Tactics

There are some fun tricks people will use to keep their pools sparkling clean. One tactic is to toss a couple of tennis balls into the water. The fuzzy surfaces are great for absorbing oil and any other products that end up in the pool like makeup or sunscreen.

To keep bugs at bay, you can try arranging bug-repelling plants around the area such as lemongrass which wards mosquitos or creating fake hornet or wasp’s nests with a brown paper bag stuffed and round to deceive them into thinking one already exists near the pool.

Finally, pantyhose can work great for leveling up your skimmer. The tiny holes keep many pieces of debris from escaping and you’ll be able to get rid of any hair, sand, or other tiny bits of dirt out of the pool water.

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