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Do You Need a Pool Mastic Replacement?

Having a pool is a great way to stay cool during the summer months and enjoy quality time with family and friends. Keeping up regular maintenance, however, is essential for it to stay in optimal shape. One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance that is often overlooked or neglected is pool mastic replacement. The risks of neglecting it can include the following:

  • Structural damage, such as sinking or cracking of the pool walls
  • Leaking and water damage from the expansion joints
  • Growth of mold and mildew on damp surfaces

So don’t neglect the pool mastic and stay on top of those replacements by following the following signs:

What is a Pool Mastic?

Pool maintenance is more than just skimming the pool and adding chlorine. A pool mastic is not as widely known but just as necessary. Pool mastic is a type of expansion joint caulking that is used to seal the areas between concrete and the pool shell. Over time, water can seep into these areas, leading to deterioration and other problems.

In general, a pool mastic needs to be replaced every few years. But if you start to notice the following signs, then it may be time for a pool mastic replacement sooner rather than later.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Pool Mastic

Luckily, there are ways to tell when it’s time for a pool mastic replacement. These signs include the following:


When there are cracks in the pool mastic, it’s a sure sign that you need to replace it. Otherwise, the deterioration will continue and grow, causing further damage.

Falling Pool Tiles

If you notice that your pool tiles are beginning to fall off or become loose, it’s time for that pool mastic replacement.

Deck Movements

If there’s movement in your pool deck, it’s likely that the pool mastic has become very worn and needs to be replaced. This movement is caused by the pool mastic not being able to keep the deck and pool shell in place.


The separation between the concrete and the pool shell indicates that there is a problem with the sealant which can lead to further damage.

How to Fix Your Pool Mastic Problem

Replacing your pool mastic isn’t something that can be DIY’ed. Instead, you’ll need to call a pool technician who can properly assess the situation and replace it. With the right tools and knowledge to get the job done correctly and safely, your pool will be in good hands and working in order soon.

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When it comes to your pool, we’re here to help it stay pristine. Contact our technicians today for a free consultation and assessment so that you can get the perfect pool care and maintenance solution!

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