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Why Monthly Pool Cleanup Is Necessary

If you own a pool, you should know the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance; without it, your pool and those who swim in it can be at risk. Aside from keeping your pool immaculate, giving it the proper maintenance can reduce the likelihood of illness or disease and ensure that it runs properly. While doing this job yourself is admirable, you may only be skimming the surface. Hire professional pool cleaners in Alpharetta for weekly or monthly maintenance to ensure that your pool remains at peak performance.

Defend Your Pool from Germs and Contaminants

Outdoor pools are particularly susceptible to environmental hazards, such as leaves, animal droppings, and dirty rainwater. Mixing these hazards with bacteria left from swimmers can leave your pool full of harmful germs and bacteria. Since contaminated chlorinated water can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses in children, it’s critical that your pool remains clean.

Pool cleaners and owners commonly use chlorine to kill bacteria and sanitize pool water. Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals used by pool cleaners and owners to kill bacteria and sanitize pool water. In the correct dosages, chlorine and other chemicals efficiently keep your pool water safe; however, they’re potentially harmful in the wrong dosages. Make sure to hire a reputable pool cleaning service with knowledgeable employees to ensure that your pool remains free of bacteria.

Prevent Algae Growth

Algae spores regularly enter your pool via either wind or runoff. Given the right conditions (e.g., poor filtration, circulation, and sanitation), algae bloom can occur in a matter of hours. While most common pool algae aren’t directly dangerous to humans, they do release waste that promotes harmful bacteria growth. It can also potentially damage your pool by clogging pumps and filters.

Making sure that your pool remains chemically balanced with the use of chlorine is the primary way to prevent algae blooms. You can also use algaecides as a backup; however, since algaecides decrease the amount of chlorine in your pool, proper application is imperative. It’s recommended to hire a professional who can monitor and maintain the algae and chlorine levels in your pool.

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