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Why It is Important to Test Your Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pools are a joy to own. They’re great for parties, they keep the whole family in shape, and they make the whole summer worthwhile. Of course, you can only enjoy these benefits if you do the work necessary to make sure your pool is properly maintained. That means hiring professionals in swimming pool maintenance service in Cumming, GA, who will regularly test your pool water. While every pool owner knows they’re supposed to test their water, not everyone knows how or why. Here are a few reasons why testing it’s so important.


The most obvious and crucial reason for making sure your pool water is balanced is to protect the safety of the swimmers. Water that isn’t properly maintained can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. If left untreated for too long, swimmers can develop rashes or waterborne infections. To keep you and your kids safe (and to avoid unpleasant conversations with any neighborhood parents), keep your pool water in balance.


Swimming should be a pleasurable experience. You want to be able to swim laps, play with the kids, or relax in an inner tube without having to worry about stinging eyes. It’s hard to have too much fun in a pool, however, when it’s painful to get in the water. A pool that’s too acidic can result in stinging, bloodshot eyes, while a pool with too much bromine or chlorine can cause your skin to become itchy. The water should be something you want to get into and not avoid. For this to happen, you need to test your water regularly.

Longer Swimming Pool Lifespan

Swimming pools and hot tubs are big investments for your home and family. To get the most out of those investments, you’re going to want them to last as long as possible. Pool water that isn’t treated properly can become corrosive. Corrosive water can do tremendous damage to the metal components in your pool, such as pumps and heaters. It can have other negative effects as well, like causing rubber and plastic components like O-rings to become brittle and degrade. The more these systems are allowed to break down, the more likely your pool may suffer irreparable damage.

Save Money

As you can imagine, corroding pumps and heaters need to be repaired more often. While you might not notice how these components benefit from balanced water, you’ll definitely notice how they suffer when the water isn’t balanced. As your equipment rusts and degrades, you’ll need to call for more pool services. Not only does this become expensive, but it means your pool becomes a whole lot less fun. The main reason homeowners get frustrated with their pools is simply because they don’t have their water tested enough. After all, you can’t go swimming as often as you’d like if your pool’s always undergoing repairs, and who can get excited about going swimming when it costs so much extra money?

To make sure your pool is safe, fun, and as inexpensive as possible, call Sunrise Pool Services, Inc. We’re your local experts in maintenance and pool repairs in Cumming, GA, and we’d love to help you keep your own swimming pool in tip-top shape. Give us a call today at (678) 804-0050.

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