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Why Do You Need an Expert to Winterize Your Pool?

It’s Closing Time

Unless you live in a climate where pools stay open year-round, there is an end of season process to close your swimming pool. The climate where you live determines when and how you close your pool. Pool owners living in climates where nighttime temperatures remain above 40 degrees for a longer period of time have more flexibility than those living in cooler environments. Closing your pool too early may create a situation ripe for algae overgrowth. If you live in the Atlanta area, your pool maintenance professionals in Atlanta can help you decide when closing time for your pool should happen. Winterization is absolutely necessary if you want to get the most life out of your pool. Proper care at the end of the season also ensures the pool is easier to open in the new season.

Do It Yourself

Closing your pool, also known as winterizing, is a job you can certainly handle if you have the time and energy. Remember, winterizing is a process that may take several days and multiple steps. The process should start with a test of pH levels and alkalinity. It’s also important to clean the pool water, drain and blow out piping and clean and sanitize pool accessories, such as ladders and handrails. The pool pump, motor, and filters each have their own unique winterization processes. As you can see, there’s more to pool winterization than simply slapping on a cover. The plumbing and mechanical systems in the pool require special care. Even the solutions needed to clean the pool must be chosen and used carefully.

What If You Don’t Winterize?

Thinking about not closing your pool at the end of the season? If you’re feeling lazy about calling an expert to winterize your pool, understand the consequences of not winterizing. Closing your pool is the perfect opportunity for your pool service professional to check for damage that may have occurred during the season. Winterizing also helps minimize the risk of your pool liner cracking due to harsh winter conditions. Part of the winterization process includes draining lines and pumps, which prevents damage from freezing water. Also, since you don’t use electricity to keep pumps and filters running when the pool is closed for the season, you save money. Not winterizing your pool ensures your pool will not be in the best condition when you’re ready to enjoy it next season.

Call the Professionals

If just thinking about winterizing your pool drains your energy level, consider giving the job to someone who specializes in swimming pool care. Save time and prevent accidental damage to your pool by calling in the pool maintenance professionals in Atlanta. Most pool owners are capable of winterizing their own pool, but why not spend your time on things you really enjoy? A pool maintenance professional knows what your pool needs. Putting your pool in experienced hands during the winterization process is the smartest choice you can make. You’ve enjoyed using your pool all season. Why not end the season feeling confident the pool is ready to give you more hours of fun next year?

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