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Which Chemicals Are Necessary for Pool Maintenance?

Many people don’t want to own a swimming pool due to the maintenance associated with it. In fact, many homeowners hire a company to keep their pool maintained because it can be difficult to get the level of chemicals just right. However, without the proper balance of chemicals, your pool isn’t safe to swim in. Here is a quick overview on the most common swimming pool maintenance chemicals in Alpharetta.


Most swimming pools are maintained with chlorine because it kills bacteria, algae, and microorganisms. Despite the wide range in prices, all products use either Trichlor or Dichlor as their active ingredients. The difference is just the concentration of that ingredient.

Chlorine can be purchased as tablets or sticks. Tablets are most commonly used, but the sticks dissolve slower. You can also use granular chloride, but this must be dissolved in a bucket of water prior to adding it to the pool.

Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric acid is also found in the chlorine tablets, which is helpful for stabilizing the chlorine levels. It’s important to maintain the proper levels to ensure the chlorine can still work optimally. When you buy it, the label on the bottle says calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite.


Once a week, your pool needs a shock treatment to control the growth of algae and kill bacteria. That’s because chlorine binds to other chemicals, which can create irritants. When you skip this maintenance in your pool, you or your family members may get skin rashes from the water. In addition to pool shock, you’ll want to add a dose of algaecide to the pool. This works on the surfaces of the pool and prevents algae from growing.

Water Balance

It’s important to keep the water in your pool properly balanced. In addition to monitoring your pH levels, you need to be concerned about calcium levels. The optimum pH level for swimming pools is 7.4. There are pH increasers and pH reducers to help you adjust the pH level. It’s important to always follow the directions to ensure the water levels are properly balanced.

Other Maintenance

It’s common to notice staining on the floor or sides of the pool over time. You can purchase stain removers and tile and vinyl cleaners for your pool. It’s also important to clean out your filters regularly to prevent them from getting clogged. Finally, you may need an entire kit of supplies before the start of a new pool season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed already, it may be best to let a professional pool service take care of the hard work for you. That gives you more time for swimming and relaxing by the pool instead of trying to balance the water levels.

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