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When Is the Right Time to Paint Your Pool?

While most homeowners think of pH balance and other regular maintenance when it comes to caring for a pool, painting is also important. A clean and beautiful pool is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. Of course, not every season provides an ideal opportunity to paint your pool. It’s worth considering the weather and environment before you schedule your pool to be painted. A forecast is certainly helpful, but some basic factors should always be considered.


Weather is the primary concern when it comes to painting your pool. Ideally, you need a week of dry and warm weather to allow the pool to completely dry. Wet paint easily collects leaves or other debris. Pollen can also pose a problem. While snow isn’t a serious issue in Georgia, the winter months can still be wet and damp. Narrowing down the ideal season or month may seem difficult; the key factors are easy to identify.



Winter is wet and cold. Granted, pool painters and service companies generally think of winter as their slow season. You might think this makes it a great chance to get a discount on pool painting. Although this could be possible, it’s still not a great environment for this sort of project. It’s probably best to avoid the winter months.

Spring is warm, but it also rains. In fact, spring is typically the wettest season. You’re unlikely to find a solid week that’s both dry and warm. Summer may sound like your next best bet. Atlanta in the summer is plenty hot, but it isn’t always free of rain. Precipitation is still incredibly common in the summer, and it can be a bit unpredictable, as well.

Autumn is usually a smart choice. You don’t want to deal with falling leaves, but September and October are two of the driest months. Additionally, the kids are back in school, and pool season is coming to an end. You probably won’t be using your pool as much, so it can be drained and painted. It won’t interrupt your pool parties.



October may be pushing your luck. Leaves are likely starting to fall, and you could see an early frost. As a rule, September is the best choice. It’s still warm, and it’s almost as dry as October. If you’re planning to paint your pool, mark down September as your primary choice. Being dry, warm, and free of leaves makes it your best bet.


Different regions do have drastically different weather. Severe weather isn’t as common as it could be, so September is generally a viable option. Watch for upcoming storms and postpone the painting if it’s necessary. This is simply a rule of thumb. A reliable forecast is still going to be your best guide.

However, this should let you mark other options off your list. Spring and summer tend to be your worst options. Rain is far too common. Winter might seem like a wise idea, but it’s rarely your most ideal chance for pool painting.

When consulting your local swimming pool company, remember that swimming pool care in Atlanta is very seasonal. It’s best to make plans in advance and keep an eye out for any unforeseen changes or interruptions. Contact Sunrise Pool Services, Inc., at 678-804-0050, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about pool maintenance.

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