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What You Should Know about Solar Pool Covers

A pool cover is important for keeping dirt and debris out of your pool, but there are also pool covers offered by a pool service in Atlanta that can help make your water a more comfortable temperature as well. Solar pool covers can be a great addition to whatever type of pool you have, so here’s what you need to know about them.

Retaining Heat and Water

Your pool would get rather warm on its own without using a cover at all since the sun warms the water. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with not using a pool cover at all. One of the most obvious problems with using no pool cover at all is the amount of debris that gets in the pool. However, evaporation is another major problem, which means a lot of the heat gain is lost. In fact, you can lose a few degrees of heat with every quarter inch of water that’s lost. A solar cover can help remedy both lost heat and lost water.

Heating the Water

Solar pool covers help prevent lost heat and water by preventing evaporation. However, they can add extra heat to your pool as well. The covers, also called solar blankets, are made of numerous bubbles and look like a large piece of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap the heat from the sun and transfer it to the pool, like how a magnifying glass works. The material traps the heat in the pool so that it’s not lost during the cooler evening hours.

Choosing a Cover

A pool service company offers covers in different colors and thicknesses. Different types have different reflective abilities for keeping heat inside the pool, and the thickness of the cover will contribute to its durability. The covers are usually measured in millimeters or microns, so the higher numbers will be thicker and be likely to last longer. You can find blue and clear covers, but the covers that absorb and retain the most heat are usually black on the absorption side and silver on the side, touching the water to reflect the heat back into the pool.

Cover Maintenance

These pool covers are easy to maintain because they simply float on top of the water. To make removal for swimming easier, there are reels that help get the cover out of the way and help extend the life of the pool cover as well. The important thing with a solar cover is to make sure it’s completely dry when it’s time to store it for the winter so that you don’t have mold to deal with in the spring. The cover should also stay off the pool for a couple of days after you shock the pool.

Money Savings

A pool maintenance service in Atlanta offers solar pool covers that will work for every type of pool and every budget. They start out in a very affordable price range, and even the most durable covers are reasonably priced. The covers can also help you save money by reducing the amount of water and chemicals you have to add to your pool because it significantly reduces the amount of evaporation. You can also save money on your utility bill because your heater won’t have to run as often. To learn more about getting a solar pool cover for your pool, contact Sunrise Pool Service Inc. today.

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