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What Type of Pool Filter is Right for You?

There are quite a few things that go into keeping a pool in peak condition. One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is getting an efficient pool filter. Unfortunately, this can also be one of the toughest parts. But with some basic knowledge and guidance, you can choose the right one for your pool and in turn, keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Types of Pool Filters

When it comes to pool filters, there are three main types: sand filters, cartridge filters, and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters. Each has its own set of unique gains and losses, check them out:

Sand Filters

As the most common type of pool filter, sand filters tend to be the least expensive. They use a bed of silica sand, which traps dirt and debris as water passes through but they require regular backwashing—a process of cleaning out the dirty particles trapped in the sand. One appealing aspect is their ability to handle larger amounts of dirt and debris beyond what other types of pool filters can handle.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are generally more expensive than sand filters due to their convenience; these filters require less pool maintenance. They use pleated paper cartridges that trap dirt and debris as water passes through. Cartridge filters can filter out smaller particles of dirt and debris better than sand filters, but they typically need to be cleaned or replaced every few months depending on usage.

D.E. Filters

Diatomaceous earth filters are the most expensive type of pool filter, but they offer the best filtration available for pools. This filter uses earth powder to trap dirt and debris as water passes through and because of this, they require backwashing every few weeks or so depending on usage. D.E. filters can filter out even the smallest particles of dirt and debris, keeping your pool clean and clear. However, they require more maintenance than sand and cartridge filters.

Finding the Right Pool Filter for You

When you’re shopping for a pool filter, it’s important to consider a few aspects:

  • The Type of Pool You Have: Inground or above ground? Inground pools typically need larger capacity filters, while above-ground pools can usually use smaller, less expensive filters. 
  • The Size of Your Pool: You’ll need a filter that can handle the amount of water in your pool.
  • The Frequency of Your Pool Maintenance: Some pool owners are perfectly fine with regular, extensive maintenance, while others prefer to spend less time cleaning their pool filters. 

Whatever the case, there’s a filter out there that’s perfect for you.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Now that you know about the different kinds of pool filters, it’s time to consider all angles of your potential pool filter so you can be sure you’ve found the right one! Here are some things to avoid when it comes to choosing a pool filter:

Not Checking on Size

If you don’t check the size of your filter, you can end up with something too small or too large for your pool. Make sure to measure the size of your existing filter, or look up the manufacturer’s recommended size for optimal filtration.

Type Of Pool Filters

While sand and cartridge filters are the most common types of pool filters, D.E. filters require more maintenance while offering a higher level of filtration. Be sure to choose the type that works best for your particular pool setup and needs.

Not Checking The User Manual

If you’re purchasing a new filter, make sure to check the manufacturer’s user manual for any specific instructions. This will ensure that your filter is set up and used correctly and safely.

Not Cleaning Your Pool Filter

Even with a pool filter that has little maintenance required, it still needs to be checked on from time to time. Pool maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your pool in good shape for years to come.

Choosing the Cheapest Filter

When it comes to pool filters, many people opt for the cheapest option available. However, this is usually a mistake. Cheap filters may not be reliable or made of good quality materials and can end up costing you more money in the long run.

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