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What Is the Purpose of Backwashing a Pool Filter

As a pool owner, there are various maintenance tasks and responsibilities to tackle to keep your water clean and your swimming area functional. While pool filters do an excellent job, regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to enjoy your swimming pool at all times.

Backwashing pool filters is a task that ensures the filter system runs properly. But what is the purpose of backwashing a pool filter, and how is it done?

The Importance of Backwashing for Pool Owners

With regular backwashing, contaminants, toxins, and dirt are removed, making your swimming area more refreshing. A dirty pool is never desirable and poses health risks to swimmers, including skin irritations, physical injuries, and bacterial infections.

Backwashing eases the filtration process and ensures pool water quality. The method consists of thoroughly cleaning the pool’s filter, which reverses the flowing water to eliminate contaminants.

How Often Should You Backwash Your Filter System?

How regularly you need to clean your filter system depends on how often you use your swimming pool. It also depends on the weather conditions in your area – if it is windy and rains almost every day, you have to backwash once a week. On normal days, you will want to clean the filters twice a month. 

When dirt accumulates in the filters, flow resistance increases and causes a reduction in water discharge. There will be poor water circulation, causing algae to build up and endanger the swimmers’ safety.

The most appropriate time to backwash your filters is after eliminating the pool algae.

How Do You Backwash a Pool’s Filter?

The backwashing process is quick and straightforward. As you make it a regular habit, you will be surprised by how easy it is to do.

To start:

1. Turn off the pumps and set the main valve to the backwash position.

2. Turn on the pump for 2-3 minutes to run until you notice clear water running.

3. Turn off the pump again and set the main valve to a rinse position. Every time you change valve settings, don’t forget to turn off the pump.

4. Drain the filter by opening the release valve and allowing the pool water to drain.

5. Turn on the pump again and watch the filter cycle get back to normal. 

Is Backwash Water Safe?

Backwash water is not dangerous, but you have to be careful where you dispose of it. Pool water with high chlorine levels is hazardous to pets and plants.

The Benefits of Backwashing Pool Filters

Pool filters gather dirt, leaves, lotion, oil, and grease. The filter collects all of these things in a net, but when the net’s surface gets full of debris, it won’t be able to catch more.

Backwashing prevents grease and debris from accumulating around the filter’s cartridges and keeps your pool from becoming a haven for bacteria and toxins. With regular backwashing, the dirt will enter the pores of the filter’s material and go into the waste hose.

At Sunrise Pool Services, we understand the purpose of backwashing pool filters and can set up a maintenance plan that will keep your pool and filter system as clean as possible.

Reach out to your local pool service experts to thoroughly backwash your filters and eliminate the accumulated algae and dirt from the swimming area. Contact us today at 678-804-0050 to schedule a service.

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