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What Do Pool Inspectors Look For?

No matter what, home buyers should thoroughly inspect all the components of a house before purchasing it. This includes the outdoor area, especially if the home you are going to buy has a swimming pool.

It’s essential to get the pool inspected because if we do not thoroughly check the pool’s condition, we can’t detect issues in it. These issues will become costly to repair if not treated on time. Plus, if the pool has issues, the buyer can leverage them on the price.

A buyer should hire a professional who is aware of the potential pitfalls of a pool. Ensure that all the systems are functioning the right way and the pool area is well-structured by doing an in-depth inspection.

What to look for in a pool inspection

There is no hard and fast rule for a pool inspection because it varies from one situation to another, but there are several components that the pool inspection team needs to check. Let’s have a look at them.

Pool safety and security

Safety and security are common features that we need to check when it comes to pool inspection. Pool inspectors should first check the fencing because it helps to protect small children from getting in accidentally. Make sure that the electrical system is away from the pool, and that any walkways around the pool are free from slip and trip hazards. 

It is essential to check pool covers, such as drain and suction covers. The inspection team should examine the ports for suction cleaners. Check the handrails and ladders and ensure that they are well anchored.

Pool interior

Other essential considerations while inspecting a pool are the interior and physical condition of the pool area. There should be no physical cracks in the plaster. The finish on the swimming pool should be uniform and free of strains.

Moreover, the pool tiles should not have any cracks and chips on them. Chipping tiles can let the water seep into the ground and cause injuries by scratching your foot. There should be a waterproof seal between the decks to avoid potential problems in the future. 

Pool equipment

Checking the pool equipment is also a concern for pool inspectors. They inspect the three main pieces of equipment that are the pump, filter, and pool heater.

The pool pump is an essential piece of equipment, as it circulates the water around filters and heaters. It helps to keep water warm and clean. Inspectors should check whether the pump is working properly, and the wiring system should be safe, secure, and protected from the elements.

Pool filters help to clean and sanitize the water. Inspectors should ensure that all the valves are functioning properly and that the filters are clean enough to do their job. Check whether the heater is the right size for the pool and verify that it is working accurately.

Other features and accessories

If the pool has other features like automation, slides or diving boards, fountains or decks, and a lighting system, we should examine them thoroughly. Moderns pools may have remote control and automation features. Inspectors should test them and make sure they work properly.

Accessories like slides and diving boards should be anchored in properly, and make sure they are in better condition. Moreover, check that the fountains do not have a leakage. Many pools have an LED lighting system inside them. Inspectors should ensure the quality and working of these lights.

The inspection process will differ from pool to pool but the general rule of thumb for a pool inspection is that anything that is associated with the pool area should be thoroughly inspected.

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