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What Causes Your Swimming Pool to Turn Green?

Green pool water is typically caused by algae that has taken over your pool. You’ll need to clean and treat your pool thoroughly to get rid of the green and make your swimming pool a safe place to soak and play in again. In addition to hiring a pool service company in Cumming, GA, here are some of the best things that you can do to treat a swimming pool that has gone green.

Test the Pool Water

There are pool water testing kits that you can get at most home improvement stores to make sure the chlorine and pH levels in your pool are normal. A chlorine level below 1 parts per meter (ppm) is a prime level for algae growth. It may be necessary at this point to “shock” the water back to health with a professional pool maintenance company.

Check the Filter

Maintaining your pool filter by cleaning out any leaves, sticks, or other debris is essential to a well-functioning pool. Make sure there aren’t any objects blocking the filter. If the pool is already green, set the filter to run constantly for 24 hours so it filters out all the algae.

Hire the Professionals

Regular professional treatment by a pool cleaning and service company is necessary to keep your pool in the best condition possible. They can identify potential issues that you’re not able to foresee before they get larger, more severe, and hazardous.

You’ve heard the grass is greener on the other side, but if your pool is greener, you have a serious problem on your hands. Swimming in a green pool is not only off-putting; it can also be incredibly hazardous to your health. Schedule regular swimming pool care in Cumming, GA, to prevent the pool from being taken over by algae again and know how to treat a pool that has gone green in between professional treatments.

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