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Ways to Throw a Safe Kids’ Pool Party

Having a pool party is a great way to start, end, and enjoy the many warm days of summer. However, staying safe is very important, especially when you’re having children near the pool. Here are some tips to help make the pool party safer.

Watching the Water

Some people will have several adults on hand who can watch the water. A common way to figure out who is in charge is with a card that gets past from adult to adult. The designated adult watches the water for 15 to 20 minutes without distractions and then passes the card to the next adult. This allows everyone to have fun. However, few people are actually trained in water emergencies, and if an adult has been drinking, he or she may not live up to the agreement. Hiring a lifeguard for the party alleviates parents of the responsibility of watching the pool while providing someone who is knowledgeable on what real water emergencies look like (Hint: it’s not what you see on TV).

Learn CPR

Even if you hire a lifeguard, you should learn CPR. The technique is different depending on the age of the person receiving CPR, and lifeguards, fire fighters, and nurses often have a higher level of education and use CPR for the professional rescuer techniques. CPR won’t just come in handy at the pool, but if it gives you the excuse and need to take a class, everyone around you will be better for it.

Prep the Pool

You can have all of the safety protocols in place, but if your pool isn’t ready, you could still experience an emergency. Be sure that the water is clean and the chemicals are balanced correctly. Pool maintenance cost in John’s Creek¬†are reasonable, so there’s no excuse for not calling on a professional to make sure that the pool is ready to host a bunch of children.

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