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Tips For Brushing Your Swimming Pool

Brushing the swimming pool isn’t always a favorite activity for most pool owners. While it may be fun the first day or week you own your pool, after a while, it just becomes another chore. However, ask any pool maintenance professionals in Atlanta, and you’ll discover that pool brushing is a very important part of pool ownership and maintenance.

Why is brushing the pool a big deal? Simply put, it stops a lot of problems from starting. When you regularly brush your pool, you keep it free of dirt particles and algae, keeping the pool’s surface smooth and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

Brushing Your New Pool

When your pool is first built and installed, experts recommend brushing it as much as 3 times a day for the first 14 days. Why so often? It’s essential for the curing process. What many pool owners don’t realize is that their pool finish, whether it’s an aggregate finish or a regular plaster finish, continues the curing process as water is added. As water is added to the pool, calcium and other minerals in the water tend to adhere to the pool’s surface. This interferes with the curing process. Removing the calcium and other materials that fall to the surface prevents flaking and discoloration. If you don’t have the time or desire to brush your new pool yourself, hire a pool maintenance company to do this for you.

Benefits of Routine Brushing

Once the pool has cured properly, it’s still important to continue brushing the pool as part of your regular maintenance routine to prevent algae growth. It’s also important for keeping your pool’s surface in great condition and extending the life of the surface. Once a week is usually enough to maintain the surface.

Will an Automatic Pool Cleaner Do the Job?

Unfortunately, these pool cleaners have their limitations. While they get rid of dirt, it’s the calcium and mineral deposits you need to worry the most about. Automatic cleaners don’t get rid of these particles and the longer they collect and sit on the surface, the more likely it is your pool will experience pitting, which shortens the surface life.

Prevention is always the better option. Also, when you stay on top of brushing, your overall pool maintenance costs go down. This is because you don’t need to use as many chemicals to keep your pool clean.

Spring and Fall Brushing

When you open your pool for the first time in the spring, don’t start off with brushing. Instead, remove any large debris, like leaves, and balance the chemicals. Also, take care of any pool filter maintenance necessary. Once this is complete, give it a thorough brushing to condition the surface. In the fall, when you’re getting ready to close the pool for the season, give it one last good brushing. This keeps you one step ahead of algae and other growth when you open the pool in the spring.

Brushing your pool is essential if you want to extend its life and prevent additional pool costs. When in doubt about how to take care of your pool, get in touch with Sunrise Pool Services right away!

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