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The Importance of Pool Inspection

Even if you think you have found the perfect home, you still want to make sure that you get the pool inspected. Every home buyer knows to get a home inspection; however, most people don’t realize that home inspectors don’t usually inspect pools as part of their services. Even if a home inspector includes it on his or her list, you may still want to have a pool professional look at it because they will be able to see more than someone who doesn’t specialize.

Having a home with a pool is a pretty nice experience as long as the pool is working properly, doesn’t have any leaks, and is following the state and federal laws regarding safety requirements. Some pools are expensive to repair, so it is important that the total cost of the house take into account all of the problems the property might have.

At Sunrise Pool Services, we know that buying a new home is an exciting time. Our inspectors have been doing pool inspections for a combined 36 years! You can take advantage of their expertise in Georgia and make sure that your home doesn’t have a hidden pool problem. They will look at the inside of the pool, check the mechanics, and make sure that the repairs done in the past aren’t covering up problems that will affect your future. Call us to schedule your pool inspection. Then, when you buy your home, you will have the knowledge that the pool is safe and ready for use.

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