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The Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Swimming Pool Water

Carbon dioxide may seem like a waste product, but your swimming pool needs it for many reasons. Below are details on why you should monitor the CO2 levels in your swimming pool, and recommendations on when you should contact a pool cleaning service.

Chemical Balance

Carbon dioxide is a reactive chemical, so it helps maintain chemical balance in your swimming pool. Keeping good CO2 levels will maintain healthy pool pH levels.

Maintain Appropriate Levels

While your pool should have CO2 in it — a byproduct of acid contacting the pool water — too much CO2 can make the water too acidic. However, too little can make the pool water’s pH too high. Levels of 7.2 to 7.8 are recommended.

Effects of Imbalance

Too much or too little CO2 can damage your pool’s liner, tiles, plasters, and filters. Adding dissolved CO2 with a pH controller can improve its reactivity and improve pool water balance. Aerating the water with bubbles can help decrease levels that are too high.

Relying on Professionals

Because CO2 will naturally occur in pool water, it needs to be monitored. The best way to keep tabs on the CO2 levels in your pool is to rely on a pool cleaning service for inspections and regular pH balancing.

Do you need a reliable pool cleaning service to monitor your CO2 levels or to provide general swimming pool care? Turn to Sunrise Pool Services today. Our teams of full-service pool specialists can clean and maintain pools, winterize them, balance pH, renovate, and so much more. Having a clean and healthy pool is ideal for entertaining and for regular swimming. It can also extend the life of your swimming pool’s materials. If you’re in the Buford, GA, area, contact Sunrise Pool Service to count on over 30 years of professional pool care experience at a great price.


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