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Robotic, Suction, or Pressure Pool Cleaner: Know What to Choose

If there is one maintenance time-saver every pool owner can agree on, it’s the automatic pool cleaner. What used to take hours, painstakingly “sweeping” the bottom and sides of a pool by hand now takes a fraction of the time and requires a fraction of the energy. The question is what type of pool cleaner best works for your type of pool? If you are looking at pool cleaners in Duluth, here are some answers.

Three Types

There are three types of pool cleaners: Suction side, Pressure side or Robotic. Each has its own upsides and downsides. All can efficiently clean your pool with little or no monitoring. Depending on the state of your pool equipment, determining the right type of pool cleaner is fairly easy.

Suction Side

Suction swimming pool cleaners in Duluth use a suction line to move through the pool while cleaning. The pros of a suction side pool cleaner are that it costs less to operate and has few moving parts, which means less preventative maintenance and repairs. The cons are that a suction side pool cleaner puts a lot of stress on the filter and pump.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

Pressure side pool cleaner use existing pressure to propel the cleaner via a pressure sideline. filtered pool water being shot back into the pool fuels the cleaner. In some cases, an auxiliary pump is required to build up sufficient pressure. With a pressure side pool cleaner, debris is collected in a filtration bag much like a house vacuum cleaner. The pros are that a pressure side pool cleaner is cheap to run, has low maintenance costs and does not put strain on the filter. The cons are that it can require a booster pump if pressure is an issue and the fact that it does require a pool pump to function.


Robotic pool cleaners run on your home’s power source. They scrub the pool floor, steps, and water line. A robotic pool cleaner has low maintenance costs, is energy-efficient, does a superlative cleaning job, and puts does not require other pool equipment to run. The downside is higher purchase costs and you still have to empty your pool filter from time to time.

Those are the three main types of pool cleaners in Duluth that you will find. What you choose should be determined by the type of pool you have and the cleaning needs as well as the recommendations of the swimming pool maintenance service in Duluth you use.

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