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Reasons You Should Hire a Pool Professional

Owning a pool comes with a long list of additional expenses every month. From the utility bills associated with running the pool to the cost of supplies for maintenance, it can be a pricey investment for your property. So it makes sense why so many pool owners want to simply maintain their pools on their own, to save on the added expense of hiring professional pool cleaners in Atlanta. But more often than not, a pool cleaner is actually well worth the expense for several reasons. Keep reading to learn what those reasons are.

Maintaining Proper Chemical Levels

What many novice pool owners don’t realize is that there’s a lot more to pool maintenance than simply skimming out the leaves and occasionally sweeping the bottom of the pool. One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is maintaining the chemical levels of your pool, including both the chlorine levels and the pH balance. If the chemicals of your pool get out of balance, you can find yourself dealing with algae growth, bleaching of your swimsuits and even your hair, more intense burning of your eyes, and dry, itchy skin after frequent swimming.

While it’s possible to purchase your own chemical test kit and all of the necessary chemicals to keep those levels in balance, it’s quite literally an exact science to keep the levels balanced throughout the year. If you want to ensure that your chemical levels are correct and your pool is usable whenever you want it, a pool maintenance service is going to be a smart investment for you.

Pool Care When Seasons Change

Do you know how to properly prepare your pool for the winter months? What about when the weather warms up and you’re ready to use it again? You can’t simply throw off the pool cover and jump in. It takes careful preparation and care to ensure your pool is prepared for the changing seasons. The trouble is the average homeowner doesn’t really know exactly when they should winterize their pool or when it’s time to open it back up for use—and proper timing is just a small part of this process.

If you hire a pool professional, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. You pool cleaner will know exactly what to do and when to do it so that your pool is properly cared for all year round.

Catching Problems Sooner

Do you know how to spot a problem in your pool system? While some issues are obvious—such as the pool pump not running at all or spraying water out of the pipes—most issues with pool systems are much less noticeable, especially in their early stages. Unless you have extensive knowledge of your pool system’s operation, spotting problems early on can be difficult. After all, pool pumps are noisy pieces of machinery, so it can be hard to pinpoint an unusual noise amid all of the normal ones.

But a pool professional is trained to do exactly that, enabling them to catch problems early on, before they snowball out of control and require more extensive repairs. Hiring a pool maintenance expert gets another set of eyes—a set with a lot more experience—on your pump system on a regular basis so they can ensure all of your equipment is running as it should. And if any issues arise, they can fix it quickly.

If you’re considering hiring a home pool maintenance service in Atlanta, contact Sunrise Pool Services, Inc., today to get a quote on our services.

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