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Reasons Why a Salt Water Pool Is Right for You

Saltwater pools are extremely trendy nowadays, popping up in everything from homes to luxury hotels. But is a saltwater pool right for you? What are its benefits? Pool cleaners in Cumming, GA, recommend this new, revolutionary pool water for both residential and commercial properties. Here’s why.

Save Money

Saltwater pools cost you just about as much as a chlorinated pool, and possibly a little more, but with how much you’ll save on swimming pool care, saltwater is always the wiser choice. Chlorinated pools must be re-chlorinated and require other fussy chemicals to treat it on a regular basis. You’ll end up spending less on professional residential or commercial pool maintenance because salt essentially maintains itself.

Good for the Body

Many people are switching to saltwater, even draining their chlorinated water for salt. It’s a better alternative for the body. Salt softens the skin, removes toxins from your body, promotes healing, smooths your skin, and even slows aging. Chlorine, meanwhile, is harsh on the skin and hair. Some people are more sensitive to it than others.

Cleaner Water

Chlorine doesn’t always keep your pool water clean, especially if you don’t treat it with more chemicals regularly. However, saltwater is better for preventing dangerous organisms from thriving in the water. Why is this the case? Unlike chlorine, salt deters fungi and bacteria. You can swim in a saltwater pool knowing that the water is always clean and fresh for swimming.

Few Flaws

Saltwater has fewer flaws and drawbacks than chlorinated water. Saltwater shouldn’t be consumed, nor should it get in your eyes. It will sting them more than chlorine will. Other than that, saltwater is so low-maintenance and easy on the body that you’ll enjoy your decision every day. If you own a commercial property with a saltwater pool, your patrons, guests, and tenants will appreciate a saltwater pool, too.

These are some of the top reasons why professional pool cleaners in Cumming, GA, recommend saltwater pools. If you want to build a refreshing and low-maintenance saltwater pool, get in touch with a swimming pool contractor like Sunrise Pool Services today. Build a custom pool or convert your existing one into a saltwater pool.

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