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Rain: How to Drain Excess Water from Your Pool

After a heavy rain, most pools need to be drained at least a little. Knowing how to get rid of the excess water can keep your pool in pristine condition and may even be able to save you a call to your pool maintenance company. Here are the basic steps to take.

Select Your Drain

There are several ways to drain water from your in-ground pool. One of them is to go through the main drain, which is usually located at the bottom of the deep end. This is usually the best way to deal with commercial pool maintenance, since these are large pools that contain a lot of water. Be sure when preparing your pool that it’s set to suck water out through the drain, not the skimmer.

Be aware that if you use your main drain to empty water from your pool, you may also have to open or close other valves so your pump doesn’t burn out. Ask your pool service in John’s Creek if you’re not sure how to do this correctly.

Set Your Filter

You’ll also have to set your filter to the proper setting in order to drain water from your pool. Choose the setting labeled “drain” or “waste.” It might also say “backwash.”

Rent a Sump Pump

Another way to drain excess water from your pool is to use a submersible pump (sump pump). They’re available to rent if you don’t own one. These pumps are much simpler to operate than your main pool drain, although they may not work as efficiently. However, they can help you avoid damage to your pool and pump.

Know Where the Water’s Going

One of the most important parts of draining your pool is deciding where the excess water is going. You don’t want it flooding your property or a neighbor’s yard. Neither do you want to dump it illegally–many municipalities have regulations concerning water dumping. Find out what’s allowed in your area and plan accordingly.

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