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Protecting Your Pool from the Top Step Stain

The Cure

While sanding can remove a portion of the stain, the best way to treat top step pool stains is by preventing them from ever developing. Chlorine is necessary to treat your water, but it’s important to choose a more pH friendly option. A deep or tall chlorine tablet rarely gets caught on the top steps. A tall floater tablet will bounce off of the top step, ensuring that it doesn’t get caught on the steps or in a corner. You can also choose a deep chlorine tablet. These floaters are designed to bounce around the bottom part of your pool. It gravitates to deeper water, ensuring that it never gets too close to the top step.

If you’re still worried about the effects of your chlorine floater, consider tethering it. Tethering your chlorine tablet keeps it in the deeper portion of your pool. Keep the tether short enough that it won’t allow your tablet to float over by the stairs. In doing this, you prevent the top step stain from ever developing.

Don’t let the top step pool stain take over your pool. If you’re worried about your chlorine tablet leaving a mark, hire a pool service company in Alpharetta. These experts know exactly what tools and equipment to use to ensure that your pool stays clean and clear of all marks.

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