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Problems That Indicate Your Pool Needs Repair

Owning a pool is exciting and fun, but it can also be hard work. Knowing when your pool may need repair is key to having a swimming pool that is clean, clear, and enjoyable for all your friends and family. If you notice potential problems in your pool, seek repairs quickly to ensure that small issues don’t turn into pool catastrophes.

Alarming Cracks

One of the first signs that something is wrong with your pool is the visual cue of cracks along the pool walls or floor. Over time, concrete pools can settle and develop cracks that can lead to all kinds of problems with your pool. Fixing these cracks immediately is the best way to head off future problems and guarantee that your pool is safe to splash in. If the crack is superficial, it may be possible to reseal it quickly and easily, but deeper cracks may require resurfacing from a professional.

Regular Leaking

If you notice the water level in your pool lowering regularly, or if you’re filling up your pool more than usual, you may have a leak. This leak could be in the walls of the pool or somewhere in the plumbing, but regardless of its location, it could cause you quite the headache down the line. At best, a leak will cause you to spend more on water and necessary chemicals, while the worst-case scenario could lead to your whole pool needing to be replaced.

Liner Damage

When was the last time you replaced your pool liner? On average, pool liners require replacement every decade or so, and if yours is fading, wrinkling, or staining, yours might be approaching the end of its lifespan. If you ignore the signs of aging, a serious crack is sure to follow, and that repair will likely be much costlier than simply replacing your liner.

Constant Cleaning

If you’re cleaning your pool’s filter more frequently than usual, that might be a sign of trouble. Pool filters should only need cleaning about once a month, and if you have to do it more often, you probably have a problem. Also keep an eye on the quality of your water. If you notice that your water has become cloudy or hazy, you may need to contact a professional for commercial pool maintenance in Buford, GA.


Pump Failure

Without a properly functioning pump, pool water can become dirty, slimy, and unpleasant to swim in. If your water is growing cloudy or developing algae, get your pump checked as soon as possible. Your pump may just be broken, and a professional can help you replace the motor or fix the O-ring seal. Unfortunately, if your pump is broken too badly, it may need to be replaced altogether.

Pools in Buford, GA, are absolutely wonderful to have and can feel like a necessity during the stifling summers. That said, a pool that isn’t taken care of will quickly become unused or fall into disrepair. Keep an eye out for potential problems in your pool and you’ll have a swimming pool that’s fun to enjoy with family and friends year-round.

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