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Prevent Swimming Pool Germs and Illnesses

Having a swimming pool is so rewarding for you and your family and friends, especially during the summertime. There’s nothing better than cooling off in the pool on a hot summer day. That being said, as awesome as swimming pools are, they can carry their share of germs like most surfaces and things in life. That’s where pool services in Cumming, GA, can come in handy. These tips, along with the help of professionals for regular cleaning, will allow you to keep your pool safe and sanitary for everyone.

Common Germs

First things first, it helps to know what pool cleaners recommend in terms of identifying and taking care of the most common germs found in swimming pools. Considering more than half of Americans treat swimming pools in startlingly similar fashion to bathtubs, it doesn’t take much for germs to spread among swimmers. This may seem a bit gross, but when you think about it, there can be a lot of germs floating around in the pool, considering many swimmers dive in without showering beforehand. While a jump in the pool after a long day of manual labor or exercise may seem lovely, this actually brings a lot of germs right into the water. People have plenty of sweat, oil, dirt, and chemical products on their skin, all of which can affect the chlorine’s ability to disinfect the water efficiently. This in turn leaves swimmers at a higher risk of coming into contact with germs that may produce infection and/or illness with annoying side effects such as irritation, upset stomach, and more. Some of the most common germs floating around in swimming pools include cryptosporidium, giardia, shigella, E. coli, and norovirus.

Protecting Yourself and Others

Just because there’s the potential for germs in a swimming pool doesn’t mean you have to stay out of the water. You and your family and friends can still have an absolute blast swimming and splashing around—as long as you keep some basic hygiene tips in mind, abide by proper swimming etiquette, and remember to look out for any unusual problems with the pool. In order to protect not only yourself but those around you who wish to enjoy the pool as well, you should do your part to minimize the introduction of germs, grime, and bacteria into the pool. This includes showering before and after any swimming session, taking a break every hour, and not going to the bathroom in the pool. Pool cleaning professionals highly recommend taking those easy preventive measures to minimize the risk of big problems with your pool.

Preventive Measures to Stop the Spread of Pool Germs

There’s a lot of other easy ways in which you can avoid pool germs as best as possible. If you’ve had diarrhea lately, you should pass on getting in the pool, as germs from fecal matter can spread quickly. Plus, little ones should always be wearing swim diapers or pants in the water, and swallowing pool water is also not advised. Checking the water with a portable test strip is also a good idea, as just one swimmer can carry billions of microbes, including fecal particles and other germs, into the water. Luckily, just a one-minute rinse off can get rid of many of these germs. Professional pool cleaning services from a reputable pool cleaning company can also make a major difference in keeping your pool sanitary and safe for everyone.

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