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Most Common Sand Filter Problems

Your pool filter is important for keeping your pool looking clean and clear. It’s important to get regular pool filter maintenance and to recognize signs that something is wrong with the filter. Here are some common problems you may notice with your filter as well as ways you can help prevent it from failing.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is often a sign of algae in the pool, which means more shock needs to be added to the water. However, in some cases, the cloudy water can be caused by high pressure in the filter. If the filter is reading 8-10 pounds higher than the pressure reading after cleaning, it means that it’s dirty and needs to be backwashed. In many cases, the backwashing will get the pressure back to a normal reading, but if the pressure remains high, there could be some other problems. These include a bad gauge, bad sand, a problem with the multiport valve that’s recirculating water and preventing good backwash flow, or an obstruction either before or after the filter. If you’re having problems identifying the cause, a pool maintenance company in Duluth can quickly determine the cause of high pressure and get the filter working properly again.


There are a couple places you may notice water leaking from your filter. After you backwash the filter, it’s common to see a small stream of water coming out of the backwash line. However, if the leaking continues long after you’ve finished backwashing, there’s probably a problem with one or move valves, O-rings, or spider gasket seals. Resetting these parts may remedy the problem or they may need to be completely replaced. Another place water might leak is from the filter tank itself. Unfortunately, a cracked tank can’t be repaired and requires replacement. Often, it’s more affordable to purchase a new filter instead of just the tank component.

Clean the Pool

Obviously, if vegetation or other debris fell into your pool over the course of the winter, now is the time to remove it to prevent staining or other damage to your pool. Also, you should take the opportunity in the spring to thoroughly clean the sides and floor of your pool with a vacuum to get a good baseline of cleanliness to start the season.

Clean Pool Accessories

A pool-centric life involves more than the pool itself, as you have many accessories such as floats, pool furniture, and toys that are part of the pool experience. Take the time to clean these accessories well so they too will be ready for the start of the pool season.

Stock Up on Supplies

While many people hire a pool service to maintain the water quality of their pools, some pool owners still take a do it yourself approach. Spring is a good time to restock on your pool chemicals and other supplies. You may be able to take advantage of sales or bulk pricing, so look for deals on the supplies you need.

Spring is the perfect season to get your pool ready for the busiest time of the year, whether that just involves cleaning it thoroughly or making much-needed pool repairs in Duluth. To learn more tips you can use to prepare your pool for the summer swim season, contact Sunrise Pool Services at (678) 804-0050.

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