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How to Vacuum Your Pool

We are lucky enough to live in the era of automatic pool cleaners. While you kick back on a lounge chair and relax, your robotic pool cleaner will zoom around and vacuum up any settled debris and dirt.

However, an automated cleaner doesn’t mean you should stop vacuuming your pool manually. The bottom line is; if you have a pool, you have to own a manual vacuum and know how to use it.

Vacuuming Your Pool is Essential

Pool ownership requires the use of a pool vacuum. It’s not only aesthetics that should inspire pool owners, whether they own an automated vacuum or not, to break out the manual vacuum and get to work.

Vacuuming your pool will keep it free of debris, mud, and algae, all of which can significantly affect your pool water’s pH if left untouched. Pools that are regularly cleaned and maintained will require fewer pool chemicals in the long run, as the water remains balanced and ready for use.

It’s not uncommon for pool water to appear murky and foggy due to silt and sand left on the bottom, stirring up during a swim. Occasionally, robotic systems can also kick up more dirt than they clean up.

Pool shock will not take care of this issue. You’ve got to allow the dirt to settle and then vacuum it before you administer the shock.

Equipment You’ll Need to Vacuum Your Pool

To vacuum your pool correctly, you’ll need all the necessary tools to get the job done. Here’s what your local professional will suggest you have on hand to vacuum your pool without issue:

• You will need a vacuum head. The type you require will vary according to what kind of pool you’ve got. You can visit or call Sunrise Pool Services with any questions regarding the sort of vacuum head you need.

• A vacuum hose is necessary to vacuum your pool, but the length depends on the size of your pool. If you know your pool dimensions, you won’t have any issue choosing the correct hose length.

• A standard size telescoping pole will allow you to attach most pool tools to the end of it, including the vacuum head, a net, and a skimmer.

• A skim-vac is necessary for most situations.

Setting Up Your Vacuum in a Few Short Steps

If at any time you have trouble setting up your pool vacuum, we can help. However, it’s relatively easy to do, most of the time.

1. Attach the vacuum head to the telescoping pole, and then attach the hose to the vacuum.

2. Prepare the skim-vac, stick the other end of the hose to it, and turn off the pool pump.

3. Push to pole, vacuum, and hose into the water, and allow the air bubbles to release while the vacuum head sinks to the bottom.

4. Place the skim-vac over your pools’ skim basket.

Vacuuming Your Pool

Finally, it’s time to vacuum your pool. Take it slow, with care not to rip the liner, and follow these simple steps:

1. Turn on the pump to begin vacuuming. If you have algae, it’s recommended to vacuum to waste while backwashing water out of your pool. If this is necessary, be sure to fill your pool with your hose as you vacuum, as water will rush out quickly. If algae isn’t a problem, leave the filter switch as is and turn on the pump.

2. Vacuum your pool in the same motion you would use in your living room or car, gently picking up the junk settled on the bottom. Turn your pump off.

3. Empty your skimmer baskets, and rinse filter cartridge if needed.

4. Remove your vacuum, replace the cover on the skim basket, and your pump back on. You’re done!

Sunrise Pool Services and Manual Pool Cleaning

At Sunrise Pools, we’re ready and willing to help your manually clean your pool and available to do it for you. From advice on vacuum heads to hoses and everything in between, we’ll get the job done. Contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable employees about all of your pool maintenance needs.

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