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How to Set Up the Right Pool Cleaning Schedule

Swimming pools are home additions that provide you with hours of fun and access to a fitness routine whenever you want. They require plenty of care to ensure they stay usable for guests and all your household members. Although keeping them in excellent condition may seem tedious, pool cleaning services in Atlanta are actually a lot easier than most people think, especially if you stick to a strict pool cleaning schedule. As proof, here are some easy maintenance tips you can try.

Skim Daily

Getting rid of leaves floating on the water is a never-ending responsibility. The longer you wait in between skimming, the more you have to clean. If you want to keep your pool in pristine condition, do this daily so you won’t have to deal with extensive maintenance.

Clean Filters Weekly

The filter’s job is to remove dirt and leaves from the water. In general, it can be cleaned by simply turning it off, detaching the cap, lifting the pump strainer, and getting rid of any debris before putting everything back. If you do this weekly, you prevent the structure from being piled up with blockages that you need to take out manually. You don’t want to overdo this swimming pool cleaning step, or it’ll cause the mechanisms to loosen or crack.

Check Water Quality Twice a Week

If the water is too acidic, it could corrode the metallic parts and cause skin irritations. But, if it’s too basic, it may not be effective in killing microorganisms. You can purchase testing strips at any pool supply store. What you’re looking for is an ideal pH at between 7.2-7.8, alkalinity between 80-120 ppm, and chlorine levels between 1.0-2.0 ppm. Run this test a few times a week or more if it’s been storming. Advanced strips will also gauge cyanuric acid levels, the degree of calcium hardness, and the amount of dissolved solids.

Use Tennis Balls Twice a Week

Tennis balls aren’t just for playing catch with your furry friends. The same way they absorb dog slobber, they’re perfect for soaking up natural body oils, hair products, and even lotions. The fibers found in these toys act like sponges that’ll leave your pool looking and feeling clean. Change them out twice a week and give them a good soap and rinse for use at a later time.

Shock Twice a Season

Shocking refers to the process of raising chlorine levels in short periods to get rid of the cloudy appearance. This method kills the bacteria that cause the murkiness. If you do this twice every season, or when necessary as indicated by your twice-weekly testing, you can keep your pool looking clear until your next professional cleaning.

Maintain Water Levels Daily

To some, a level change doesn’t mean much. After all, they’re looking at gallons of liquid. But, what they don’t see is that a sudden increase or decrease in volume will cause an imbalance of chlorine and whatever pH-regulating product they’re using. Ideally, water has to be halfway through the skimmer’s opening. Check daily and drain or fill as necessary to prevent running into this problem.


The right pool cleaning schedule is one that you can easily follow. The tips above will help you with that. They should allow you to enjoy your pool until your next scheduled maintenance service. Call Sunrise Pool Services Inc. at 678-804-0050 when you need professional swimming pool care in Atlanta.

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