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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool During Summer

When summer starts, it’s officially pool season, and everyone’s ready to jump in and cool off. The water needs to be kept clean so people can swim safely while enjoying their time. Along with hiring a regular pool maintenance company in Alpharetta, there are some other simple ways you can keep it crystal clear.

Skimming and Scrubbing

Skimming has always been a part of weekly maintenance, but you must do it daily when it’s summer. More dirt floats because the trees are in full bloom, insects are abundant, and there’s increased activity among pool users.

Another item on the weekly maintenance menu you should do more often during summer is scrubbing the ladders, decks, and walls of the pool. Algae happen fast and may cause slip and fall accidents since they’re slippery. Once they loosen their hold and you brush them off, you can vacuum them up along with other debris that has settled at the bottom.

Minimize Pollen Grains

Pollen grains are a problem among pool owners during spring and summer. They don’t exactly make the water dirty, but they still compromise its quality. These powdery spores trigger allergies, making swimming less enjoyable. They also cause algal blooms, which can turn your oasis from crystal-clear to blue-green overnight.

You can’t get rid of pollen or stop it from spreading, but you can minimize its presence with good pool maintenance strategies. Replace your cartridge filters yearly so they’ll work efficiently, and shock the pool to get rid of bacteria. You should also trim surrounding trees to lessen production.

Shock the Pool

Despite sounding intimidating, shocking a pool has nothing to do with electricity. It’s a simple process of disinfecting the water by dramatically raising the level of chlorine for a little while, just long enough to kill germs and bacteria. Do this once every 1-2 weeks during summer.

Get some chlorine tabs or granules from your trusted pool maintenance supplies store. Some brands have to be dissolved first, while others can be poured right in. Be careful in handling these chemicals and read their manuals first.

Balance the Water

Disinfecting pools is important, but so is balancing their pH level. Too much chlorine will corrode the metal parts, such as ladders and handrails; plus, it makes swimming uncomfortable. Increased levels of this reactive substance hurt the eyes and irritate the skin. This task is a little more complicated than chemical shocking, so call the experts if you’re not sure how to do it.

But, if you’re confident, go ahead and get all the things you need at the supplies store: a testing kit, stabilizer, and some pH, alkalinity, and water hardness balancers. After you’ve done your job, check the water three times a week and repeat the process as necessary.

Schedule Expert Maintenance

If you’ve been a pool owner for a very long time, you most likely know how to take care of it. But, getting expert care during summer is crucial for longevity. Professionals have studied and specialized in many aspects of maintenance, so they can detect problems that you’d be more likely to miss.

Summer’s just around the corner, but before you grab your swimsuit and sunblock, get your pool in tip-top condition. Contact Sunrise Pool Services Inc. for one of the best swimming pool maintenance services in Alpharetta.

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