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How to Prime a Pool Pump: Pool Maintenance

A pool pump plays a vital role in ensuring the functionality of a swimming pool. To avoid any algae growth underside the pool surface, it’s vital to have a pool pump in working condition. 

However, when the pool is closed, there are chances the pool pump stops working. This is when priming a pool pump is needed before you start using the pool again.

What Is Priming A Pool Pump?

When the pool pump is not in use, air gets trapped inside its pockets. To get the pool pump in operation again, all these air pockets have to be knocked out by blowing in water into these lines. This is known as priming a pool pump.

How do you do this? Does it require professional help, or can it be done by yourself? Let’s find out.

How To Prime A Pool Pump?

Priming a pool pump is easy and can be done without any professional help by following the steps carefully. Here are the steps to follow:

Turn Off The Pool Pump

Before starting the process, make sure the pool pump is turned off and is disconnected from the power source. This is done to ensure that the pump doesn’t start running without the use of water.

Turn The Multiport Valve On

You can find the multiport valve on the top of your pool pump. Turn the value clockwise or anticlockwise to turn it on.

This is done to recirculate the water, i.e., it will bring water into the pump and direct it out to the pool. In this process, the water first reaches the pump filter head and then into the pump.

Remove Any Plugs

To make the water enter the pump, make sure all the valves are open so that the water flow is not blocked. Also, open the air relief valve on top of the filter to relieve any air pressure inside.

Remove the skimmer and return jet plugs to allow water to flow freely.

Clean The Pump Basket

The next step is to clean the pump basket for any debris. Make use of a hose to remove such debris. Remove the strainer lid and inspect the O-ring. Make sure it doesn’t allow air to get in. Seal it properly after that. Also, inspect for other wear and tear and get the parts replaced if required.

Fill The Pump Basket

Once everything is inspected well, fill the pump basket with water and put the strainer lid back in place. At this point, make sure the air release valve is open to prevent any air from entering the pump.

Turn On The Pump

Finally, turn on the pump for water to enter the pump and onto the pool. If it isn’t able to provide consistent flow within thirty seconds, check for the obstruction after turning the pump off. Again, make sure all the drain plugs are back in place and repeat the pump housing process. Once it’s filled with water successfully, close the air pressure release valve.

Now, the pool pump is primed. If you need any assistance in priming the pool pump or are looking for a pool maintenance company, Sunrise Pool Services is here to help you out. Contact us now by calling us at 678-804-0050 or by going to our website.

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