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How to Make Your Pool Safer

When it comes to keeping your pool safe, chances are that you know the risks involved with keeping young children and pets away from an open pool. But there’s another danger that doesn’t often come to mind: the danger that comes with the water itself.


The water is an open breeding ground for bacteria and other unpleasant organisms, all of which can cause disease and discomfort if they’re not taken care of properly. However, once bacteria gets into the water, it’s not something you can remove by plucking it out like you can with a leaf or dead grass. Instead, you need to have your pool cleaned, and that often means commercial pool maintenance in Alpharetta to keep things working the way they should. Here are just a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind to keep your pool safe for everyone and enjoy it all summer!


Success Starts with Sanitation

Having the right chemicals for your pool is the first step to making sure that the water is safe for everyone because, over time, your water is going to take on contaminants from those who use the pool. Even if you establish rules about urinating in the pool and make sure that they’re followed, there’s nothing that you can do about sweat and sunscreen winding up in the pool when people use it. Over time, the water will mix with the fluids on your skin and other people’s skin and absorb contaminants, which mix with the water to create a breeding ground for bacteria. If you operate a commercial pool, you’re going to have hundreds of people in the pool every day, making it a certainty that skin oils will wind up in your pool’s water.


That’s why chlorine gives off a smell when you add it to the pool: it’s actually going to work and removing contaminants from your water when you smell the familiar swimming pool smell. A good maintenance company knows what kind of chlorine works best for different swimming pools and will add the right amount to keep your water as clean as possible.


Filtration for Clarity

Sanitation is important for keeping the water clean, but even clean water can be unappealing if the water ends up looking cloudy from unwanted particles. Leaves and other solids can vacuum up your additions of chemicals and cause the water to appear cloudy and less than enjoyable for your pool patrons. A good maintenance company will sweep the pool clean and make sure that solids are out of the way for swimmers.

Lifeguards Maintain Safety

Even if you know the risks that come with a swimming pool, that doesn’t mean that you can allow nonswimmers to be unsupervised around the pool. If you have young children or a large crowd in the pool, you’re going to need to have someone keeping order and making sure that accidents don’t happen. A qualified lifeguard is a vital part of any commercial pool, and a home pool needs at least one responsible adult around.

When it comes to keeping your pool safe, you want to make sure that you take care of any and all dangers in and around the water. In many cases, that means taking care of risk factors before anyone even enters the pool, and that means hiring a well-respected company to perform commercial pool maintenance in Alpharetta. Don’t take chances with your pool this summer; contact Sunrise Pool Services, pool maintenance professionals you can trust.

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