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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Cool and Clear

Having a swimming pool in your backyard to enjoy during the hot summer months is one of the great joys in life, but keeping it cool, clean, and clear can sometimes be a challenge. A neglected pool can quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, which can make your pool cloudy, hazy or even green with algae. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to maintain your pool with a few simple steps, ensuring that your pool is crystal clear all year around.

Know Your Chemistry

The key to keeping your pool clean and sparkling is maintaining the proper chemical levels in it. The most important chemicals to your pool’s health are the chlorine level and the pH balance. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in pools and eliminates harmful germs, while the pH balance measures how acidic or alkaline the pool water is and helps the chlorine keep it clean. Test your water regularly to make sure that these chemicals are at a satisfactory level. A water testing kit can help you achieve this. If you’re unsure of the levels your pool should have, pool maintenance professionals in Atlanta can help you confirm the safest, most effective levels for your pool.

Keep Algae at Bay

To make sure that algae or other plant life doesn’t take root in your outdoor pool, you should super-chlorinate or “shock” your pool about once a week. Any pool supply store should carry such treatments. If you notice algae already growing on the walls or floor of your pool, treat the water with an algaecide specifically designed to kill the plant life that can make your pool cloudy and slimy.

Maintenance Is Key

No pool stays clear and beautiful without a bit of hard work. To make sure that your pool is bright and enjoyable to swim in, you must skim the pool regularly with a pool net to remove any organic material that may have fallen into your pool. This material may include leaves, dirt, insects, and other types of debris. While a pool’s filter will take care of smaller particles in the water, these larger chunks of organic matter may not be eliminated and can break down over time. When they break down, they’ll make your pool hazy and dirty. Skimming your pool at least once or twice a day is the best way to make sure this material doesn’t end up where you or your family will be swimming.

Swimming pool maintenance services in Atlanta are often a good investment for pool owners who don’t know how to maintain their pool successfully, or who don’t feel like committing the time it takes to regularly clean it and preserve its clarity. A little diligence and a few easy steps can ensure that your pool is always ready for family and friends to enjoy.

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