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How to Get Rid of Green Algae in Pool

One of the most common problems that pool owners have is green algae. It is a type of bacteria found in almost all public and private pools or water systems and can appear in groups or individually.

But how do you get rid of green algae in a pool? How does green algae get into pools?

Pool cleaning tools, rain, and wind are some of the causing factors. The presence of nitrates can also contribute to a green algae bloom. Combine that with a lack of pool filtration, water circulation, low water balance, or sanitation, and you have a recipe for a build-up of algae in your swimming pool.

Any type of algae can multiply on sunny and warm days. When the weather conditions are right, a green algae bloom can happen in a matter of hours.

Green algae is a frequent pollutant in swimming pools. While some think it is harmless, it may severely impact ecosystems, plants, and animals.

Skin infections are also a common issue of green algae in pools. Frequent swimmers expose themselves more to algae and pool bacteria, which may cause rashes and more severe inflammations.

Professional pool cleaning services can help control algae development and filter the water. They use the right solutions to prevent bacteria from occurring in the future.

Besides skin infection, contact with green algae can cause hay fever-like symptoms, mild respiratory effects, headaches, and diarrhea.

If you notice a build-up of algae in your swimming pool, avoid contact with discolored water or visible scums.

The Best Way Get Rid of Green Algae in Pool

While many methods can help you eliminate green algae in the pool, these three are proven to be the most effective.

Balance the Water

Water chemistry is the essential step to keeping your swimming pool algae-free. It is vital to test your pH and chlorine levels with appropriate equipment and bring the pH level to 7.8.

You can add sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfate to increase the pH level. Make sure the chlorine is above 1ppm.

Turn on the Pump

When dealing with green algae, your pump needs to run 24 hours a day. The pump filtrates the water and keeps it from stagnating, which can help the green algae bloom or multiply.

Clean the Filters

Your filter system plays a significant role in cleaning and removing algae. Clean the filters to improve their efficiency, and don’t forget about the cartridge filter. It is also important to backwash the filters:

  • Turn the valve handle on
  • Turn the pump on
  • Run until clean water runs (after 5 minutes)
  • Turn of the pump

Now that you know how to get rid of green algae in pool, you can prepare the cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment to sanitize the swimming area. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always count on our professional cleaning services.

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