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How to Detect a Leak in Your Pool

Having your own swimming pool is one of the best parts of the summer, and occasionally adding water to your pool is a natural part of keeping it running properly. But when you’re adding several inches of water at a time to your pool on a regular basis, that’s a sign of a serious problem. If you find yourself having to add a lot of water at once multiple times once the pool is open, chances are that you have a leak somewhere.

Luckily, treating a leak isn’t too hard once it’s been discovered and the source is identified. Here’s how you can find a leak with nothing more than your own knowledge and a few pool maintenance supplies in Alpharetta from your local pool store!

Measure the Water

The first step is always to find out if you have a leak, and that means testing to see if the water lost from your pool is normal or not. What you need to do is put a piece of non-damaging tape on the liner of your pool at the top of the water level and leave it alone for a day. When you come back the next day, check to see where the water is in the pool in relation to the tape.

If the tape is 1/4 of an inch or less above the water level, you don’t have a leak. Losing that amount of water from your pool in a day is normal because of water splashing out from pool users and from evaporation caused by sitting in the sun all day. However, if you’ve got a distance greater than a quarter of an inch, you’ve found the evidence of a problem.

Find the Source

This is where your pool supplies come in handy. But before you start to use them to test for a leak, it’s smart to use your own senses to check possible areas. Otherwise, you’ll be testing all over the place with no real clue as to whether or not you’re looking in the right spot!

Walk around the pool and see if you spot any wet spots in the ground, especially in areas that you and your family don’t use very often. If your family likes to swim in the deeper end of the pool, but the shallow end’s grass is damp, that could be a sign.

Once you know where the leak might be, it’s time to find it. For this, you just have to put a drop or two of a pH solution kit in the water near where you think the leak is and watch it move. If it’s sucked up, you’ve found your leak and can get it fixed.

Leak repairs can be expensive if you don’t find them quickly. But if you take the time to check with a few inexpensive pool maintenance supplies in Alpharetta, you’ll save yourself plenty of money on repairs and get back to enjoying your pool in as little time as possible. That’s a result every pool lover can enjoy!

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