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How Often Should You Clean Your Pool?

A swimming pool is essential to keeping you cool during the hot Georgia summer. But your pool won’t do you much good if it’s not properly maintained. In order to keep your pool sparkling clean, you’ll need to keep up-to-date on swimming pool care in Duluth. Here are a few tips to help you know how often to clean your pool and additional maintenance necessary to keeping your pool crystal clear.


The skimmer and pump basket should be cleaned at least once a week. It may need to be done more than this if your pool is near trees or shrubs that dump a lot of debris. The skimmer is easy to clean. You simply remove the skimmer basket, empty it, and put it back in the skimmer. Emptying the pump basket is a more difficult job, so be sure to know all the steps according to your owner’s manual if you plan to do it yourself.


Vacuuming is usually needed once a week to remove all the debris that collects at the bottom of the pool. Manually vacuuming can become time-consuming, especially if debris frequently clogs the basket or hose. This is why many homeowners opt to let professionals handle this task or they purchase an automatic swimming pool vacuum to save time.

Tile Cleaning

Calcium and dirt can begin to accumulate on the tiles around the water line of the pool. The deposits aren’t difficult to clean off with a soft-bristled brush if you keep on top of it. This means you’ll have to watch carefully and clean the tiles as needed throughout the year.

Chemical Balance

Perhaps the most important component of keeping your pool clean and clear is making sure the chemical balance is right. This can be a complicated aspect of swimming pool maintenance in Duluth, so many homeowners trust a pool company to keep the pH balance correct. A proper balance is important for safety and to help your pool last longer. The right amount of chemicals will also help prevent algae growth. It’s a good idea to take water samples in for professional testing periodically, especially if your pool was installed recently.

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