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How Often Do You Need to Change Your Pool Water?

When you own a swimming pool, regular maintenance is par for the course. As a general rule, most experts recommend that homeowners change their pool water every two to three years. However, the actual frequency with which you should drain and replace the water will depend on a number of factors. Below, we will discuss these factors to help you determine just how often to change your pool water.

Standard Maintenance

The first thing to consider is how well you maintain your pool on a regular basis. If you take good care of the pool and clean it frequently, you won’t need to drain and refill the water as often. Test the water regularly to ensure the chlorine and pH levels are correct. Make sure the filter is working properly and clean it frequently. Also, be sure to skim and vacuum the pool, too. This sort of regular swimming pool care in Atlanta will keep the water clean and safe for longer, meaning you won’t need to replace the water as often.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

The kind of water you use to fill the swimming pool is another essential consideration. Hard water contains more minerals which gradually build up in the pool. Though regular cleaning can help, hard water typically needs to be replaced more often than soft water.

TDS Level

You will also need to think about the TDS (total dissolved solids) level. When water evaporates from the pool, minerals are left behind. When you add in more water, the ratio of minerals to water will still increase, throwing off the balance in your pool. To check the levels of minerals, perform a TDS test. The higher the number, the more chemicals you will need to clean the pool. If the TDS level hits 1,550 ppm or more, it’s time to change the water.

Other Factors

There are situations where it is necessary to change the water immediately, no matter the other factors. Foul odors, green water, slimy walls, excessive debris, and cloudy water are all signs that the water is unsafe and should be changed.

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