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How Chlorine Can Be Used to Disinfect the Swimming Pool

Your pool, left to its own environment, is nothing more than a giant, fetid bathtub in the making. Between stuff humans leave in it and the various organisms and plants that will grow in any body of water if they can, about the only thing preventing your pool from becoming a glorified mud puddle are the upkeep and chlorine. If you’re considering hiring a service for swimming pool cleaning in Duluth, consider how chlorine can help you in the interim.

A Deadly Chemical Reaction

When chlorine is introduced into a pool, a chemical reaction happens and the chlorine solution that was exposed to the pool water breaks down into multiple different chemicals. These include hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion Both are murder on bacteria and other microorganisms. They attack the lipids in a cell wall and destroy enzymes and structures internal to the cell, which oxidizes them and renders them harmless. Hypochlorous acid oxidizes organisms in several seconds. Hypochlorite ion can take up to as long as thirty minutes.

pH Drives Effectiveness

A pool’s pH level helps determine the levels of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion in the water. If the pH level is too high, there is not enough hypochlorous acid and cleaning the water will take much longer than usual. The optimum range of pH level in a pool is between 7 and 8. 7.4 is ideal and is the same pH as human tears. Low pH is what causes humans to have itchy skin and burning red eyes when they go swimming. Low pH generally will require a lot more chlorine mixture to be effective against microorganisms. The only way to ensure this level is constant besides hiring a pool service company in Duluth is to regularly test the pH levels yourself at the same time every day.

Proper Maintenance

The purpose of pool filter maintenance in Duluth coupled with adding a chlorine mixture to the pool water is the most effective way to kill microorganisms that can harm humans. Having a pH testing kit and regularly testing at the same time every day to ascertain how much chlorine mixture you must add is key to ensuring your pool’s water remains safe and sparkling.

Your pool’s pH level helps maintain the alkaline to acidity ratio in your pool. Regular swimming pool cleaning in Duluth that effectively utilizes chlorine, helps keep the water free from dangerous microorganisms. Making sure you maintain both is key to ensuring your family can enjoy your pool all season long.

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