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How And Why Professionals Acid Wash A Pool

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Also called a drain and clean, acid washing your swimming pool becomes necessary if your pool’s surface and water look grimy from a build-up of stains and algae. An acid wash strips a thin layer of plaster from your pool, exposing fresher, cleaner plaster underneath. While no harm comes from learning how to acid wash a pool, it’s a job best left to professionals.

If your pool has turned into a “black lagoon,” you need to hire a pool cleaning professional for an acid wash.

How Pool Acid Washing Works

During the pool acid washing process, a professional pool cleaner will mix acid into water and pour the mixture onto your pool’s surface. The acid mixture makes it easier to remove any algae or staining that may have built up on your pool’s interior.

They will then use a brush to scrub away the stains and other grime before rinsing thoroughly and adding a few pounds of pH increaser to neutralize the acidic wastewater.

How Often to Acid Wash Pools?

If you adhere to swimming pool maintenance guidelines and keep your pool in good shape, you’ll likely only need to acid wash it every 5-7 years. Because the harsh chemicals used in acid washing could damage your pool’s surface, experts recommend that you avoid getting your pool acid washed more frequently than five to seven years.

What Type of Algae and Stains Will Acid Washing Remove?

Acid washing helps to remove different types of algae and staining, including:

Magnesium Stains

Your pool may have magnesium, depending on the type of water you use to fill it. Too much magnesium in your pool may cause pink, red, or even black discoloration.

Hard Water

Hard water stains come from calcium deposits. You’ll typically find these deposits along the edge of the pool where the tile meets water. Hard water stains can lower the water’s pH to unsafe levels and lead to a cloudy appearance.

Algae Growth

Low pool circulation, improper pH balance, and lack of pool cleaning can all cause algae growth. Left unchecked, algae can clog pool filters and cause health issues.

Copper Stains

If your pool water comes from a well, copper may be present. Copper can create blue, green, or black staining in your pool.

Is Acid Washing Pools Safe?

As mentioned above, acid washing your pool requires the use of harsh chemicals. It’s advisable to hire an experienced professional pool cleaner as working with the harsh chemicals needed to clean your pool successfully can be dangerous. Hiring an expert protects your health and wellbeing and the safety of your pool. When not done correctly, pool acid washing can cause:

    • Chemical burns on the skin if you don’t wear protective gear
    • Damage to the pool’s surface
    • Discoloration of your pool’s surface
    • Lung damage if you don’t wear breathing masks rated for acid

Don’t consider acid washing your pool a routine pool maintenance task—hire a professional to do the job right the first time.

Now that you know how to acid wash a pool, you have an idea of what happens when you hire a professional for the job.

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