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Health Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Backyard swimming pools are typically either a freshwater pool or a saltwater pool. Both types of pools use chlorine to disinfect; however, a typical chlorine pool needs chlorine to be consistently added in stick or tablet form. A saltwater pool has the chlorine levels replenished on its own because of a process called electrolysis, in which the salt breaks down in the water and forms hypochlorous acid, which is what disinfects the pool. Because of these differences, there are some benefits of saltwater pools that you should know about.

History of Saltwater Benefits

Using saltwater to help heal the body isn’t a new concept. In fact, people frequently travel to bodies of saltwater hoping to find natural healing for numerous ailments. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks swam and bathed in saltwater, seeking relief and healing. While a saltwater pool doesn’t provide the buoyancy or salinity of an actual body of seawater because it only contains a fraction of the amount of salt, there are benefits to be had from even that small amount of salt.


Probably one of the most noticeable health benefits of saltwater pools is the difference in your skin. Salt is known for its detoxification properties, so it helps to sterilize the skin to reduce skin conditions that are due to inflammation from bacteria. It can help clear up skin disorders such as acne and eczema because of the reduction in inflammation and because it naturally moisturizes and exfoliates the skin. Unlike a pool full of chlorine that can make your skin feel tight and dry, your skin feels smoother and softer after swimming in a saltwater pool.

Clear Eyes

A common side effect of swimming in a freshwater pool that’s treated with chlorine tablets is red, irritated eyes. This is a result of a buildup of chloramines, which is also responsible for the chlorine smell of pools and lung irritation in some people. Saltwater pools don’t have the problem of chloramines buildup because the chlorine levels are replenished on their own through the electrolysis process, so chlorine doesn’t ever need to be added. It’s still necessary to check pH and alkalinity levels weekly as part of swimming pool care in Duluth, but since the pool only needs to be treated with salt rather than chlorine, there’s less risk of skin, lung, and eye irritation from accidentally adding too much chlorine to the pool.

Immune System

Some people claim their immune system has benefited from swimming regularly in a saltwater pool. It’s thought that the antimicrobial properties of the salt can help reduce your chances of getting sick by killing off germs and allowing your immune system to focus on other potential threats instead.


Swimming in any type of pool is a great form of exercise that’s easy on the joints because there’s ample resistance without harsh impact. But there are some additional benefits that come from swimming in a saltwater pool as well. Bromide is a mineral in saltwater that’s known to naturally relieve sore, aching muscles and joints. Many people suffering from arthritis find additional relief from a swimming exercise regimen that’s done in a saltwater pool.

Additional Benefits to Consider

In addition to the numerous health benefits of a saltwater pool, there are other benefits to consider as well. Swimming pool maintenance is much easier with a saltwater pool and the maintenance is safer as well since you won’t have to handle dangerous chemicals. Whether you have a regular chlorine pool or a saltwater pool, Sunrise Pool Services, Inc., can help with cleaning and maintenance. Contact us at 678-804-0050 today!

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