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Essential Winter Pool Care Tips to Follow

Every pool owner knows how important it is to keep chemicals balanced and the pool clean during the summer months. But it’s just as important to prepare your pool for the winter and properly maintain it during the off-season to ensure it’s ready to open when the time is right for summer swimming. Here are some important winter pool care tips you shouldn’t ignore.

Use a Cover

If you don’t already have a pool cover, you can save yourself a lot of work and potential damage by purchasing a quality cover. Make sure the cover fits properly and will keep debris, dirt, and melting ice out of the pool. Periodically hose the cover off as needed. Some homeowners find that it’s easier to keep the cover clean by connecting an air pillow underneath the cover to keep water and debris from settling on the cover and eventually weighing it down. Check the condition of the cover regularly to make sure it’s tight and able to keep debris out sufficiently.

Add Winterizing Product

In addition to adding algaecide and chlorine at appropriate levels, you may want to consider different winterizing products that a pool service offers. This will help prevent the growth of microorganisms, keep the pH level in check, and make it easier to open your pool again in the spring. If you add these products yourself, follow instructions closely to make sure the pump circulates these additions for the right amount of time.

Check under the Cover

Throughout the winter, make sure to check under the cover of the pool regularly. Make sure there’s no debris under the cover that needs to be removed. In addition, check the level of the water because your pool and pump can suffer if the water level gets too low, and a low water level can indicate the need for repair. Most warm climates should have the pool nearly full throughout the winter, so be sure to ask a professional what your winter water level should be.

Check Chemical Balance

The pH level needs to be monitored throughout the winter as well because unbalanced water can reduce winter chemical effectiveness and cause issues with scale or stains. The water should be checked about once a week throughout the winter.

Open and Close Pool When Appropriate

Timing is another important factor when you’re closing your pool for the winter. Closing it too early can allow winter chemicals to be used up too quickly if the weather remains warm. Opening the pool too late can also cause problems with algae growth. Monitor the weather to determine when it’s going to be consistently cool when determining when to close the pool.

Consider Weather Conditions

In addition to considering the weather for opening and closing your pool, pay attention to the weather throughout the winter. These conditions can affect the chemical balance when the weather is wetter than normal. In addition, freezing temperatures also need to be monitored to prevent damage to the plumbing and equipment.

Clean Pool Regularly

It’s important that you don’t overlook cleaning during the winter because keeping the pool’s surfaces clean will help prevent algae growth. Pool cleaners in John’s Creek can help with winter skimming, vacuuming, and removal of organic debris so that you don’t have to deal with dirty, green water when it’s time to open your pool again. For pool cleaning and maintenance services, contact Sunrise Pool Services Inc. today.

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