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Does Your Pool Meet the Following Safety Standards?

Pools are meant to be a source of refreshment and fun. However, they can also be a dangerous setting if safety isn’t the first priority. Keep your family and guests safe by knowing that your pool meets current safety guidelines.


A pool, regardless of its size, is technically a body of water. It’s a proven fact that anyone, especially children, can drown in two inches of water. Purchase and install the right barrier system to keep people from having access to the pool when you prefer it to be “closed.” There are numerous types of fencing and gates available, just be sure you choose a model high enough to keep out animals and climbing children.

Locking Mechanisms

Having a gate (or three) is a great start to keeping the water a fun and entertaining place. However, it’s essential you choose the right locking system for your family. Based on the age and motor skills of your children, you’ll need to be sure the gate is self-latching and perhaps even consider a key-and-padlock system.


It’s common knowledge that you should never, ever, let children swim without adult supervision. And yet, it happens every day. Consider installing a security camera near the pool. If an adult does choose to walk away, you’ll still be able to see that everyone near the pool area is safe or notice an issue immediately and attend to it.


Always keep your pool and spa covered when you put it in “closed” mode. This serves as a visual barrier to those who may find themselves tempted to try and access the pool.

Emergency Protocol

Even though you own a residential pool, you should still post safety rules in the swimming area, including how to perform CPR on a non-responsive drowning victim. Post all the local emergency phone numbers and ask adults who are visiting if they know CPR and first aid.

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