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Debunking Various Pool Maintenance Myths

If you’ve ever owned a pool, you probably already know the amount of work that goes into maintaining it. While pool maintenance isn’t rocket science, there’s some specialized knowledge required to manage things like the chlorinity and pH level of your pool water and to understand the basic function of your pool filter and pump. That’s why some pool owners opt to hire a professional pool maintenance service in Cumming, GA, to handle the upkeep on their pools, which for many busy people represents money well spent.

Proper maintenance is critical to the investment you’ve made in your pool as well as your enjoyment of it. While pool maintenance is a straightforward affair, many persistent myths surround the techniques and pool maintenance supplies required to achieve a clear, clean, refreshing backyard oasis. Many of these myths can be debunked easily with a little knowledge and information. Keep reading below to learn how you can bust some of the most common myths surrounding pool maintenance.

Myth 1: All Chlorine Is the Same

When you think about pool maintenance, the first thing that may come to mind is pool chlorination. Chlorination is at the very heart of pool maintenance, but many people don’t have a deep understanding of the process or the product. One myth associated with chlorine is that it’s all the same. Chlorine comes in many forms, such as liquid, granular, pucks, and tablets. There are also many differences when it comes to the strength of various products, their cost, and their quality. Make sure to research your chlorine options before deciding on one or consult with your pool maintenance service to determine which is best for your needs.

Myth 2: Pool Maintenance Is Hard Work

While maintaining your pool is certainly less fun than relaxing in it, pool maintenance doesn’t always have to be difficult. First off, the easiest way to remove the labor from pool maintenance is to hire a service that will handle your pool maintenance tasks for you. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself style pool owner, some devices and products can help lighten the load when it comes to pool maintenance. An automated vacuum, for example, can work on your behalf even when you’re not around. You can also lessen your maintenance workload by being consistent and cleaning and balancing the pool weekly. Adhering to a schedule will make pool maintenance quick and easy. For example, skim your pool twice a week, brush and vacuum weekly, and test and balance the water twice a week. If you follow that schedule, your pool will never have a chance to get dirty enough to warrant a lot of hard work.

Myth 3: A Clear Pool Is a Healthy Pool

Clear, sparkling water projects the appearance of cleanliness, but that’s not always the case. Many people mistakenly believe that if the water is clear, the pool is clean. However, the microbes that can create problems in your pool are invisible to the naked eye, which means you could be exposing yourself to harmful pathogens. Also, just because your pool water is clear doesn’t mean it’s in balance, and imbalanced water can lead to the presence of contaminants that may not be easy to see. Therefore, even when your water is crystal clear, you need to test and balance the water twice a week to make sure that the clarity isn’t concealing invisible issues on a microscopic level.

There are countless myths that the average swimming pool maintenance service in Cumming, GA, hears from pool owners regularly. Fortunately, those myths are usually easy to debunk with a little knowledge. If you need a professional service to help you maintain your pool, contact Sunrise Pool Services at (678) 804-0050.

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