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De-Winterizing Your Pool for Spring

Maintaining a swimming pool on your premises is not an easy task. However, to enjoy the goodness of the water on a hot sunny day, it is essential to de-winterize the pool for spring.

Here is how you can de-winterize a pool in a few steps:

Start with Winterizing It

Before de-winterizing, winterize your pool. This process should start as the winters are onsetting just after bidding farewell to fall.

Start with making sure the water is crisp and clear. If not, do so by vacuuming, shocking, and backwashing the filters. The cleaner the water is at the time of winterizing, the better it would be at the time of de-winterizing.

Drain the Water and Pump

Drain the water from the pool until there’s about 2 to 3 inches left. Just sufficient enough to make it return to the pool pump and filter.

Now, drain the water from the pump opening the valve placed at the bottom of the filter. This will drain the water out from the pump filters.

If there is sand in there, make sure to clean the filters thoroughly before calling it a day.

Cover the Pool

Now, cover the pool with a good pool cover that doesn’t let the rainwater go into the pool and increases the chance of algae buildup.

You can also make use of inflatable pillows or get a solar pool blanket installed.

De-Winterize a Pool

Now, start the process of de-winterizing.

Drain all the water that has accommodated in the middle of the pool or over the pool covers. Make use of the garden hose attached with an electrical drain pump to remove all the puddled water.

Prime the Pool Pump and Fill the Pool

Now, it’s time to prime your pool pump, i.e., allow all the inside air to leave the pump and get water inside it.

Once it’s primed up, fill the pool with water completely, not with the pool pump but with the help of a garden hose.

Clean the Water

Now, if you see some debris floating over your pool water, clear it up with the help of a pool cleaning tool.

After that, it’s time to clean the water thoroughly by shocking and vacuuming. To shock it, shake the water in the pool manually several times in a few intervals.

Next, use a flocculent to let all sand, slit, and debris settle at the bottom of the pool. Remove the settled debris by vacuuming it.

Turn On the Pump

Now is the time to turn your pool pump on and get the swimming pool ready for diving in.

If you think you are devoid of time and patience, you can always call for a professional pool cleaning service. They will do the job right for you.

That said, Sunrise Pool Services is a leading pool cleaning service provider near you. We ensure your swimming pool is ready for the spring and that you get to make happy memories. Wait no more, and schedule a free consultation today at our site or by calling 678-804-0050.

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