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Common Problems Caused by Pool Leaks

If your pool is losing water faster than expected from normal evaporation, you may have a leak. Though a leak in your pool may seem like a bad enough problem, neglecting to fix a leak can cause bigger and more severe issues. Even small leaks should be concerning, since they can lead to water loss or more permanent problems such as structural damage.

Early leak detection is an important skill in pool maintenance. Once you suspect a leak, locating the break or tear will determine the possible resulting problems and hopefully help you avoid them.

Plumbing Issues

If the leak is in the underground plumbing lines, including a leak in the skimmer, the water can flood the nearby area and erode the landscape. Holes in these lines can also cause problems with the pump or lead to dirt and leaves getting in your pool.

Structural Damage

Cracks in the pool can lead to excess water spilling into the ground, which can cause your pool to shift or even collapse in on itself. Small cracks, if left unattended, can easily grow into larger, more damaging issues.

Mechanical Problems

Leaks, especially a leak in the shaft seal, can cause your water level to drop below the intake line and cause major issues for your pump systems. If the pump takes in air instead of water, the pump can overheat or shut down.

Chemical Imbalance

Excess water loss can cause an imbalance of chemicals in your pool, including in the pool’s pH levels. If the pH is off, meaning not between 7.2 and 7.8, algae growth is more likely. This can cause corrosion and a decrease in your chlorine’s effectiveness.

After suspecting a leak, it is important to locate and quickly fix the leak to avoid these more serious problems. All leaks can additionally lead to other issues ranging from minor annoyances like dirty water to devastations like sinkholes. At the very least, leaks will increase your water bill since the system is not working smoothly and efficiently. If you suspect a leak, a pool service company in Duluth can assist in locating and fixing the break.

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