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Cleaning Your Pool Tiles

Swimming pools are great when both the pool and the water are clean. It would feel horrible to stand in a grimy, algae-filled pool. You probably won’t even get in the water, let alone allow your feet to touch the dirty tiles. Cleaning a pool is a combination of different things. From cleaning the filters to balancing the chemicals and all, but one thing that you will give any pool an instant face-lift is cleaning the tiles.

Would you like to get your pool sparkling clean? Find out how to clean your pool tiles below.

1. Gather your materials

You need a tile cleaner, a scraper to remove thick calcium build-up, a pumice stone for those bits the scraper couldn’t get to, a scrubbing pad for the tiles above and below the waterline, a small brush to clean tight spots, and a pressure vacuum.

2. Get the pool ready

First, remove debris from the pool. Also, remove all pool accessories from the water. Drain it till all of the perimeter tiles are exposed. To do this, get the pool pump filter to backwash and let the water drain till it gets to the right level.

3. Clean the pool

Start by getting rid of residue on the tiles with the most appropriate tool for the job. For instance, if it’s algae, a brush could work. However, for tougher deposits of calcium, you might need to try a pumice stone. For tougher stains, use some of the commercial tile cleaners available in your local hardware store.

For a more professional job, use a pressure washer. Go for one with a minimum of 300oF and pressure of about 2,000 to 2,600 PSI. Using this washer, clean the pool in sections. Stand at least three feet away from the wall and spray down the dirt.

4. Get rid of the dirt

Once you are done with the walls, look down and you’ll notice the residue from cleaning on the floor of the pool. If this is not taken care of immediately, it will ruin all the good work you’ve done on the walls. Use a brush to clean the floor of the pool first. Then, use either a manual or an automatic vacuum to clean up. Just ensure the floor looks and feels clean when you’re done.

5. Refill the pool

Now that you’re done cleaning, it’s time to fill the pool with water. Be careful here. If you use hard water, it’s just a matter of time before calcium carbonate builds up in your pool, and you have to scrape it off again.

Also, note the correct level the water should get to. Let your skimmer guide you. Fill the pool till the water level covers the skimmer halfway. Don’t allow it to overflow. Too much water in the pool will prevent the water from circulating properly leading to the water becoming dirty. Finally, balance the pool chemicals and return the appropriate accessories to the pool.

While you can do this on your own, it might be better to have it done professionally. One thing’s for sure, owning a pool can be a lot of work, and cleaning day is often a hectic day.

Enjoy your pool without all the hard work. Contact us at Sunrise Pool now. We’re a full-service pool company and we’ll help you get that Pinterest-worthy, clean pool you deserve.

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