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Advantages of Adding LED Lights to Your Swimming Pool

A great pool isn’t just about a great layout or a beautiful deck. It’s about the extra features and design elements you add to make an ordinary pool look and feel extraordinary.

Pool services in John’s Creek now offer underwater LED lights for your swimming pool. If you’re still relying on plain incandescent bulbs to light up your pool or don’t have a lighted pool at all, read on to learn why you should hire a pool service company to add spectacular LED lights to your backyard pool.

New Technology

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which have been around for decades, LED technology is relatively new, especially in swimming pools. That means that they rely on a revolutionary design for a superior look and great performance and with little need for pool repairs or bulb replacements.

Green Technology

LED lights, or light-emitting diodes, are more popular than ever thanks to the emergence of green technology to reduce environmental impact. They’re popular alternatives to shorter-lived incandescent bulbs that are unfortunately still in most pools. However, LED lights are spreading quickly across the country because of their efficiency. They use as little as 42 watts of electricity in order to produce the same amount of light that an incandescent light produces with 300 to 500 watts of electricity.


Efficient LED bulbs last much longer than other lighting technology does, and that means that there’s less need for pool service to periodically replace the bulbs. If you’re hosting a party and want your pool to look its best, then you wouldn’t want unreliable bulbs. LED lights last so long that you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll turn on when you need them. The average LED light lasts up to 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb and 23 times longer than a halogen one.

That means you’re saving money on new bulbs as well as on electricity costs, because these long-lasting bulbs are efficient enough to reduce energy use.

Stay Cool

Incandescent bulbs use heat to create light, which is why old-fashioned light bulbs and lamps can get very hot. When you’re swimming in a relaxing pool, no one wants to bump into or brush against a hot light. LED lights, though, stay cool because they don’t rely on heat to produce light. That means that you can interact with the outside casing around the lights without getting burned or feeling discomfort.

Great Color Options

LED lights are famous for their dynamic properties, or their ability to change color. Try installing color-changing LED lights in your pool for a supreme swimming experience. The color changes may even be visible underwater during daylight.

Entertain guests around the pool or host a fun pool party in the magically color-changing water. No older technology can offer you anything close to this dynamic lighting experience.

While ordinary pool maintenance supplies included replacement halogen or incandescent bulbs, you should make the switch to LED lights for your swimming pool today. Contact Sunrise Pool Services to change your pool’s lights and get more for your money. Their professional pool services in John’s Creek are fast and affordable.

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